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Remote Control „GKA100"
Item no. 84 16 77
Intended use
This remote control is suitable for operation and control of products that indicate this remote control as an
optional accessory. It is not allowed to be used withsome products.
To learnhow to connect the remote control to the product, refer to the operating manual for the relevant
This product complies with the applicable national and European requirements. All company and product
names included are trademarks of their respective owners. All rights reserved.
Delivery contents
• Remote control with battery
• Operating manual
Safety Instructions
Damage caused by failure to observe these instructions will invalidate the guarantee
/ warranty! We are also not responsible for any consequential damage!
We do not assume any liability for damage to property or personal injury caused by
improper use or disregard of safety instructions! In such cases, the guarantee
/ warranty will become invalid!
• For reasons of safety and certification (CE), unauthorised reassembly and / or modification
of the product is not permitted.
• The product is equipped with highly integrated components. These electronic components
are very sensitive to static electricity discharge. Therefore, please avoid contact with any
parts or metallic surfaces when replacing the battery.
• The product is not a toy and should be kept out of reach of children!
• Do not use this product in hospitals or medical institutions. Although the radio transmitter
present in the remote control emits only relatively weak radio signals, these may lead to
malfunction of life-support systems. The same may be true for other areas.
• The product may not get damp or wet!
• Do not use the product in roomsor in harsh environments, where flammable gases, vapours
or dust are or may be present! There is risk of explosion!
• The product must not be exposed to extreme temperatures, strong vibrations or strong
mechanical stress.
• Do not leave packaging material lying around; this could be a dangerous toy for children.
• Handle the product carefully; it may be damaged through impact, shock or a fall from a low
Notes on Batteries
• Keep batteries away from children.
• Do not leave batteries lying around; there is the danger of them being swallowed by children or pets. If
they are swallowed, immediately seek medical assistance.
• Leaking or damaged batteries may cause irritations upon contact with the skin; therefore, use suitable
safety gloves.
• Do not short-circuit, disassemble or throw batteries into fire. There is risk of explosion!
• Conventional, non-rechargeable batteries may not be recharged, risk of explosion!
• When not in use (e.g. storage), remove the battery. Expired batteries pose the risk of leakage, which may
cause damage to the product, loss of guarantee / warranty!
• When inserting the battery, ensure correct polarity (positive / + and negative / -).
• For proper disposal of batteries according to environmental regulations, please see the "Disposal"
Inserting a Battery, Changing the Battery
• Remove the screws on the back of the remote control.
• Now open the case carefully by prying on one side of the two halves of the case.
• Remove the old battery, note the location of the battery for safety reasons.
• Insert a new battery of the "27A" type with correct polarity into the battery compartment (see label inside
the battery compartment and note the plus / + and negative / - poles of the battery).
• Close and screw the case once again.
Battery replacement is required if the range of the remote control decreases significantly or the
LED is not lit when a button is pressed.
Maintenance and Cleaning
The product is maintenance free, except for occasional battery replacement. Call an expert to carry out
maintenance or repair.
Clean the product with a soft, clean, dry cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners or chemical solutions, as this
may damage the case or impair the function.
Range Specifications
w w w. c o n r a d . c o m
The remote control has a range of up to 25 m.
Version 10/12
However, in practical operation, vehicles, sources of interference, etc. exist between the transmitter and
receiver, thus reducing the range.
A specific range cannot be guaranteed due to various influences on radio transmission. Nevertheless,
problems are not faced during operation in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle.
The range can be reduced considerably sometimes:
• Walls, reinforced concrete slabs
• Coated / metallised insulating glass panels
• Proximity to metal & conductive materials (e.g. radiators)
• Proximity to the human body
• Broadband interferences, e.g. in residential areas (DECT telephones, mobile phones, wireless
headphones, wireless speakers, wireless weather stations, baby-monitoring systems, etc.)
• Proximity to electric motors, transformers, power supplies, computers
• Proximity to poorly shielded or openly operated computers or other electrical devices
Waste Disposal
a) General
b) Disposal of used batteries / rechargeable batteries
As a consumer, you are required by law (Battery Ordinance) to return all used batteries and rechargeable
batteries; disposal as household waste is prohibited!
Batteries / rechargeable batteries can be returned to the waste collecting points of your council, our
branches or anywhere else where batteries / rechargeable batteries are sold! Thus, they fulfil the legal
obligations and make your contribution to environmental protection!
Declaration of Conformity (DOC)
We, at Conrad Electronic, Klaus-Conrad-Straße 1, D-92240 Hirschau, herewith declare that this product
is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of the 1999/5/EC Directive.
Technical data
Power supply ............................ 1x Battery "27A"
Transmitting frequency ............. 433 MHz
Maximum range ........................ 25 m (see "Range" chapter)
Ambient temperature ................ -40 to +60 °C
Dimensions ............................... 55 x 30 x 13 mm (L x W x H)
Weight ....................................... about 25.5 g (without battery)
However, this range specification is the so-called "free-field range" (range at the line of sight
between the transmitter and receiver without interference).
Dispose of the product at the end of its lifespan in accordance with statutory provisions.
Remove any batteries inserted in the product and dispose of them separately.
Contaminated batteries / rechargeable batteries are marked with the symbol which refers to
the prohibition of disposal as household waste. The symbols for the respective heavy metals
are: Cd = cadmium, Hg = mercury, Pb = lead.
For the declaration of conformity for this product, please visit www.conrad.com.
These operating instructions are a publication by Conrad Electronic SE, Klaus-Conrad-Str. 1,
D-92240 Hirschau (www.conrad.com).
All rights including translation reserved. Reproduction by any method, e.g. photocopy, microfilming,
or the capture in electronic data processing systems require the prior written approval by the editor.
Reprinting, also in part, is prohibited.
These operating instructions represent the technical status at the time of printing. Changes in
technology and equipment reserved.
© Copyright 2012 by Conrad Electronic SE.