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Troubleshooting - Conrad 11 01 78 Bedienungsanleitung

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First, put the earth bar
together as shown in the
figure. Only use the enclo-
sed material! An extension
with other parts is inadmis-
Remove the protec-
ting strip from the
storage battery!
Now, stick the earth bar into the ground at the desired place. Make sure not to
damage the surface of the solar cells! Take the earth bar under the lamp and turn it
into the ground as far as possible.
Now, put the clear-glass
housing onto the moun-
ted earth bar and fasten it
with a screw.
Now, put the solar cells
onto the clear-glass
housing and turn it to
the right until it locks
into place.
Replacing the Storage Batteries
Release the lamp from the earth bar turning it counterclockwise!
Open and carefully remove the battery compartment cover!
Replace the NiCad storage battery by a new NiCd storage battery of the same type
(1.2 Volts / 600 mAh), suitable for solar systems! Please observe correct polarity of
the storage battery (positive pole "+" and negative pole "-"!)
Before commissioning, the Solar Garden Lamp has to be exposed to direct sunlight
for at least 36 hours in order to charge the storage batteries completely. Only then
put the Solar Garden Lamp into operation!


Please observe the safety instruction!
Solar Garden Lamp
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
does not work.
Operating time is too
short when it is dark
Before inserting it, the storage battery has to be charged completely! The Solar
Garden Lamp has to be exposed to direct sunlight for at least 36 hours to char-
ge the storage batteries completely!
The Solar Garden Lamp is installed at a place without sufficient direct sunlight,
e.g. a tree, house or other objects which cast a shadow on the solar cell. Install
the lamp at a place with sufficient direct sunlight!
The Solar Garden Lamp only switches on automatically when it is dark. It does
not switch on, if it is operated at daylight or near a bright light source (street or
house lamp).
Make sure that the light sensor on top of the housing is not directed towards
such a light source. Test the Solar Garden Lamp when it is dark.
The LED might be defective. Repair works must be carried out only by an expert!