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Intended Use Of The Product; Contents As Delivered; Safety Notes; Important Notes - Märklin 76471 Einbauanleitung

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Intended Use of the Product

• This signal is for installation on H0 digital model railroad layouts.
• This signal may only be used for analog operation with the
72760 control box.
• Use only in enclosed areas.

Contents as Delivered

1 Signal
1 Decoder with mounting plate
1 Cable with plug, 2-conductor, red and brown
1 Cable with plug, 3-conductor, red and red
1 white and violet wires with 2-pin plugs for plugs
1 Cable with plug, 3-conductor, violet, red-green, red-braun
1 foundation piece of C Track with a cover
1 K Track base with a cover
1 grade wedge
1 cover for below-baseboard installation
1 screw 2 x 10 mm
2 screws 2.5 x 20mm
4 Insulator sleeves (red) for C track (1 sprue)
2 Center conductor insulators (gray) for K Track
1 Center conductor connector for K Track
1 Set of decals for identification
Installation instructions
Warranty card

Safety Notes

• IMPORTANT! The product has sharp edges and points due to
the way it works.
• Do wiring and installation work only when there is no voltage
present. Failure to adhere to this may cause life-threatening
current and injury.
• This signal is to be operated only with the permissible
voltage (see technical data).

Important Notes

• The operating instructions are a component part of the
product and must therefore be kept in a safe place as well as
for transfer of the product to third parties.
• The signal masts for the 76371/76372/76391/76393/76394
signals cannot be used with this electronic circuit (decoder).
• Please see your authorized Märklin specialty dealer for repairs.
• Disposing of the product: www.maerklin.com/en/imprint.html

Technical Data

• Voltage supply
• Load
• Load at the track output
• Electrical strength


• Capable of multi-protocols: fx (MM), mfx*, and DCC
• Mode of operation set by means of DIP switches
• Addresses can be set by means of DIP switches:
1-256 fx (MM) (Control Unit 6021)
1-320 fx (MM) (Central Station 6021x/Mobile Station 60653)
1-511 (DCC)
* mfx not until CS2 Software Version 4.0 (2nd quarter of 2015)
16 - 20V
≤ 100 milliamps
max. 2 amps
max. 40 volts

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