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Mini guitar amplifier KE-3
Item-No. 30 53 09
This product complies with the applicable National and European specifications.
Use in accordance with manufacturer's instructions
The mini guitar amplifier KE-3 is used to amplify electric guitar audio signals.
The input may only be connected to sockets of musical instruments.
The device may only be supplied with power by a battery (for the type, refer to "Technical Data").
The product may only be used indoors; never outdoors. Do not expose the device to damp, e.g.
in bathrooms etc.
Any use, other than that described above, may lead to damage to this product and involves oth-
er risks, such as short circuit, fire and electric shock.
Always observe the safety instructions.
Safety Instructions
The warranty will be void in the event of damage caused by failure to
observe these safety instructions. We do not assume liability for any result-
ing damage.
We do not assume any liability for material and personal damage caused by
improper use or non-compliance with the safety instructions. The warranty
will be void in such cases.
An exclamation mark in a triangle indicates important instructions in the
operating instructions. Please read all the instructions before using this
device, they include important information for its correct operation.
• For safety and approval (CE) reasons, unauthorised conversion and/or modifications to the
product are not permitted.
• Do not listen to excessively loud music for long periods of time. This is especially the case
when using head or earphones. This may damage your hearing.
• Never pour liquids on to electrical devices, and never place any objects containing liquids
(such as vases) on top of them or near them. You run the risk of causing a fire or a fatal elec-
tric shock. If fluid does get into the device, immediately take out the battery and consult a spe-
• Do not expose the device to high temperatures, dripping or sprayed water, strong vibrations or
heavy mechanical stress.
• Do not place naked flames, such as burning candles, on or close to the device.
• Do not operate the device when it is unattended.
• Do not use the device in a tropical climate.
• Do not leave the packaging material carelessly lying around since it may become a dangerous
plaything for children.
• If in doubt about how to connect the device correctly, or should any questions arise that are
not answered in these operating instructions, please contact our technical advisory service or
another specialist.
• Moreover, please observe the additional safety instructions in the individual chapters of this
operating manual.
• Built-in loudspeaker
• Sound regulation
• Headphone socket
• Overdrive control (distortion)
• Clip for fastening on a belt or similar
Inserting/Replacing the Battery
When replacing the battery, the mini guitar amplifier must be turned off.
Batteries should be kept out of the reach of children.
Make sure that the polarity is correct when inserting the battery.
Remove the battery when the device is not being used for longer periods of
Leaking or damaged batteries can lead to caustic burning of the skin.
Therefore, use suitable protective gloves.
Make sure that the battery is neither short-circuited nor thrown into a fire.
Do not recharge batteries. Danger of explosion.
• Open the battery compartment on the rear of device.
• Pull out the plug contact from the housing and remove the flat battery, if applicable.
• Attach a 9V block battery to the plug contacts.
Version 10/10
• Place the battery into the housing and close the battery compartment.
• If the device is malfunctioning or the display contrast is getting low, the battery might be dis-
charged and should be changed as described above.
• Remove the battery if the device is not used for a longer period to avoid leaking or the batter-
ies becoming flat.
• To ensure a long battery life, only use alkaline types.
Connection and Operation
• The mini guitar amplifier can be attached to a belt or the like, using the clip on the housing's rear.
• Turn the control VOLUME counter-clockwise to minimum (position 0).
• Plug the connector plug of your guitar in the socket INPUT.
• Move the switch on the side of the housing to the position ON, to turn the mini guitar amplifier on.
• Play the guitar and set the desired volume with the VOLUME control.
• By means of the TONE control you can change and adjust the sound.
• Move the lateral switch to the position DRIVE to activate the overdrive function (distortion).
• On the socket PHONE a head or earphone can be connected. Once the head or earphone is
connected, the internal loudspeaker is switched off.
• Switch the mini guitar amplifier off after each use by moving the lateral switch into the OFF
Disposal of used batteries/storage batteries
As the end user, you are required by law (Battery Ordinance) to return all used
batteries/rechargeable batteries; disposal of them in the household waste is prohibited!
Technical Data
Operating voltage
Battery life
Output power
© Copyright 2010 by Conrad Electronic SE.
For connecting the guitar, use only shielded cables for instruments suitable
for this purpose. The use of other cables could cause interferences.
To avoid distortion or mismatches that may damage the appliance, only
connect an electric guitar with a jack plug to the INPUT socket.
Always switch the mini guitar amplifier off before connecting or disconnect-
ing your guitar.
Please dispose of the product, when it is no longer of use, according to the current
statutory requirements.
Batteries/rechargeable batteries containing harmful substances are marked with
the following symbols, which point out that disposal in the domestic waste is prohib-
ited. The symbols for dangerous heavy metal constituents are: Cd = Cadmium, Hg
= Mercury, Pb = Lead.
You can hand in your used batteries/rechargeable batteries free of charge at the
official collection points of your community or everywhere where batteries and
rechargeable batteries are sold.
9 V=
9 V block battery (6F22)
Conrad Order No.: 65 25 09
about 3 hr (at medium volume)
139 x 81 x 42mm
These operating instructions are a publication by Conrad Electronic SE, Klaus-Conrad-Str. 1, D-92240
Hirschau (www.conrad.com).
All rights including translation reserved. Reproduction by any method, e.g. photocopy, microfilming, or
the capture in electronic data processing systems require the prior written approval by the editor.
Reprinting, also in part, is prohibited.
These operating instructions represent the technical status at the time of printing. Changes in
technology and equipment reserved.



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