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Important Safety Information; Key To Symbols; Safety Precautions - Epson OT-CH60II Benutzerhandbuch


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Important Safety Information

This section presents important information intended to ensure safe and effective
use of this product. Read this section carefully and store it in an accessible location.

Key to Symbols

The symbols in this manual are identified by their level of importance, as defined
below. Read the following carefully before handling the product.
arnings must be followed carefully to avoid ser
Cautions must be observed to avoid minor injury to yourself, damage to
your equipment, or loss of data.
Notes have important information and useful tips on the operation of your equipment.

Safety Precautions

Do not expose the equipment to water. This may cause fire or electric
Keep the equipment away from fire or flame. This may cause fire or
electric shock.
Shut down your equipment immediately if it produces smoke, a strange
odor, or unusual noise. Continued use may lead to fire or electric
shock. Immediately unplug the equipment and contact your dealer or
a Seiko Epson service center for advice.
Never attempt to repair this product yourself. Improper repair work can
be dangerous.
Never disassemble or modify this product. Tampering with this product
may result in injury, fire, or electric shock.
Never insert or disconnect the power plug with wet hands. Doing so
may result in severe shock.
Do not allow foreign matter to fall into the equipment. Penetration of
foreign objects may lead to fire or shock.
If water or other liquid spills into this equipment, unplug the AC cable
immediately, and then contact your dealer or a Seiko Epson service
center for advice. Continued usage may lead to fire or shock.
Do not place multiple loads on the power outlet (wall outlet).
Overloading the outlet may lead to fire.
Be sure that no metallic object comes into contact with metal parts of
the product while it is connected to the AC outlet. Otherwise there is a
risk of fire or electric shock.
ious bodily injury.
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