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Product Description

With this car speaker set you have acquired high-quality two-way loudspeakers.
The given mounting variations allow to aim the tweeter in the direction that yields the
best frequency response and soundstaging for the listener.
Actually, the output stages integrated in your car radio will suffice to operate the
speakers. However, connecting a power output stage will yield a considerably
improved sound performance.
To ensure proper commissioning, please read this operating man-
ual and the safety instructions included completely and carefully!
Modifications of the car required for installation of the speakers
or other components must not impair traffic safety or the con-
structive stability of the car. The operating permit of many car
types will expire even if it is only a piece of sheet that has been
sawn out.
If you have any doubts concerning the right mounting location,
please contact your car dealer.
Before drilling of the mounting holes, please make sure that no
electric cables, brake cables, the petrol tank etc. will be damaged.
Please adhere to the safety instructions of the tool manufacturer
when using tools for installing your car stereo components.
When installing your speakers or car stereo, please bear in mind
that loose appliances can cause accidents. Therefore, chose a
safe place for every component and fix it firmly so that passen-
gers may not be endangered.
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