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Anti-stich mit led


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Dear Client,
Congratulations for choosing one of our quality products. Please follow these instructions carefully and keep them with you.
Product description
With this mobile electronic mosquito repeller you will be protected from biting insects at home and outdoors.
Application / How to use
Pocket-Anti-Bite is a very tiny transmitter with a size of an one-way-lighter. It repels biting insects in a radius of 6 m indoors and outdoors by
emitting ultra high frequencies.
Getting started
1 – Repeller-function:
to switch on, set "Repeller" on the position "ON" (a low frequency will be heard)
to switch off, set "Repeller" on the position "OFF"
2 – LED-lamp
to switch on, press slowly the button "Light" in the arrow-direction and your pocket- lamp is operational
to switch off, press in the other direction.
Insertion and replacement of battery
Open the battery compartment by screwing the cover downwards of the lamp in the direction "OPEN"
Remove the old batteries and insert 3 new batteries type 1,5 V AG with the + pole upwards
After inserting the batteries, screw back the cover
Technical Data
Duration on life:
Power Supply:
Range of action:
Attention: Important battery notice
Remove the battery if the device is not used for a long time. Leakage of battery can cause permanent damage to the device.
Instructions for battery disposal:
Batteries are subject to legal provisions. After use they must therefore be returned to the point of sale or to a collecting point of public
facilities for harmful substances. Batteries may never be disposed as household waste, in the yellow sack or other. Dispose of batteries
only when completely discharged into waste batteries collecting container and take precautions against short circuit (eg by masking the
General information
Electric appliances, packaging material etc. should be kept away from children.
Dispose packaging and worn out material correctly and in an environmentally friendly way.
Do only pass on the device including the operation manual.
Subject to change of design and technical data without notice for the sake of constant product improvement.
Safety instructions
Important: Damage caused by not adhering to the operating instructions is not covered by guarantee. ISOTRONIC accepts no liability
whatsoever for any resulting consequent damages.
Only operate the device at its intended voltage.
Repairs or other works, e.g. changing a fuse, etc. may only be carried out by an appropriately trained, skilled person.
It must be noted that operator or connecting errors lie outside the influence of ISOTRONIC and we cannot accept any liability for
resulting damages.
Always check whether the device is suitable for the respective place where you intend using it.
We grant a two year guarantee for this device. Guarantee includes repair of all defects that were not caused by defective material or
fabrication mistakes. Guarantee does not apply on wearing parts (for example illuminant). Since ISOTRONIC has no influence on correct and
appropriate assemblage and operation it is obvious that guarantee applies only on completeness and proper condition. ISOTRONIC takes on
neither liability nor guarantee for damages or consequential damages in connection with this product. This applies especially when the
device was altered or repaired, when circuits were changed or non-original spare parts were used or when damage was caused by false or
negligent operation or abuse.
Environmental protection notice
At the end of its life span this product may not be disposed as normal household waste but must be disposed of at a collecting place for
recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. The icon on the product, in the manual, or on the packing points to this fact. The materials
are recyclable according to their labelling. Through reusing, material recycling, or other forms of utilisation of old devices you make an
important contribution to the protection of the environment. Please ask the local administration for the responsible waste disposal centre.
Instructions for Use
Anti-Bite with LED-lamp
Article No. 73310
LED white
apprx. 50.000 hours
1,5V LR44 (included)
approx 6 m
D- 72160 Horb
Status: 01/08