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Installation; Operation - Conrad P7835 Bedienungsanleitung



Verfügbare Sprachen

Verfügbare Sprachen

Solar-powered bird scarer P7835
Item no. 1168853
Intended use
With the solar-powered bird scarer, you can scare birds out of your garden, plantings, fruit
trees, etc. Power is supplied by a built-in rechargeable battery, which is charged by a solar cell
when there is ample sunlight.
Any use other than that described above could lead to damage to this product and involves
the risk of short circuits, fire, electric shock, etc. The safety instructions have to be followed
without fail!
Explanation of the Symbols
The triangle containing a lightning symbol indicates a health hazard e.g. electric
This symbol, an exclamation mark in a triangle, indicates particular dangers associ-
ated with handling, function or operation.
The "hand" symbol indicates special information and advice on operating the device.
Safety Instructions
The warranty will be void in the event of damage caused by failure to observe
these safety instructions! We do not assume any liability for any resulting
We do not assume any liability for material and personal damage caused by
improper use or non-compliance with the safety instructions. The warranty
will be void in such cases.
• The product must not be modified or converted, as not only will the CE approval become void
but also the warranty.
• The device may not be exposed to extreme temperatures, strong vibrations or heavy me-
chanical stress.
• The housing of the bird scarer is designed with IP44 protection class.
• A damaged device must no longer be used and must be disposed of.
• The product is not a toy and should be kept out of the reach of children.
• Do not leave packaging materials unattended. Plastic film, etc. can be a dangerous plaything
for children; there is a risk of suffocation.
• If you are in doubt about how to use the device correctly, concerning its safety, or if you have
any questions not covered by these operating instructions, please contact our technical sup-
port or other specialist.
Functional Description
By playing the screech of a predator bird, the device scares birds away from the guarded area.
The playback is activated via the integrated PIR sensor or the AUTO function with adjustable
time interval.
Features of the PIR Motion Detector
The PIR sensor responds to the infrared (heat) radiation from moving objects, e.g. people and
animals, in its detection range.
The sensor responds best to movements across the detection range. Keep this in mind when
installing the product.
The PIR sensor's detection range is max. 10 m. The bigger the distance to the monitored area,
the bigger the object must be, so that its different heat radiation will be detected.
Furthermore: At higher ambient temperatures (e.g. at a hot summer's day) the range will de-
crease, because the difference in temperature is getting smaller here.
Do not place the PIR motion detector above heat sources or close to the floor. Rain drops falling
on the PIR lens can lead to detection problems.
Do not point the PIR motion detector at heat sources. This inhibits the detection of birds that
cross the monitored area.


Version 05/14
The device should be installed in the immediate vicinity of the guarded area.
In order to attain the PIR motion detector's max. detection range of approximately 10 m, the
bird scarer should be mounted at a height of 1.5 m - 2.5 m. Should the supplied screws and
plugs not be suitable for your wall, please use others.
Select the installation location such that the motion sensor is positioned in the direction that is
to be monitored.
Fasten the base unit to the wall. Screw the solar module onto the bird scarer. Align the solar
module accordingly before tightening the plastic cap nut. Plug the cable of the solar module to
the side of the bird scarer.


1. Solar module
2. Loudspeaker
3. "VOLUME" control knob The playback volume of predator bird's screech is set with this
4. PIR movement sensor
5. On/off slide switch: Using this slide switch, you can toggle between the functions OFF, PIR
Make sure you install the device on a solid base, e.g. brickwork.
In the case of wall-mounting, be careful not to damage any power supply lines,
gas or water pipes accidentally while drilling! Life threatening!
Pay attention to correct mounting and a secure grip of the bird scarer. People
could be injured if the device falls.
The product must be installed and operated in such a way that animals have
sufficient escape routes. Therefore, never operate it in the vicinity of cages,
stables or apartments.
The product is adequately protected against damp and rain. However, it must
not be exposed to water jets.
When selecting the place of installation, think of a vandal and thief-proof position.
If the device should be installed in the yard, think also of your neighbours. Choose
a suitable position and a corresponding volume so that they will not be bothered by
its operation.
Do not set up the device on areas that are accessed by people or are driven by
The birds may get accustomed. Change the position of the bird scarer.
With respect to a long, trouble-free period of operation, we recommend storing the
bird scarer in a dry, warm room during the winter or when it is not used for a longer
period. To this end, switch off the device (OFF position).
For the rechargeable battery to be charged effectively, the device must be placed
so that the solar cell is exposed as far as possible to direct sunlight. Therefore, the
solar cell of the device can also be aligned a bit.
Make sure that the solar cell is not covered or shaded by other objects during the
day. The solar cell should be able to receive direct sunlight for most of the day. The
operating time of the device varies according to the season and weather spells,
depending on the hours and intensity of the incident sunlight. Insufficient sun radia-
tion can lower the charge state of the rechargeable battery, thus not allowing longer
operating times.
Keep the solar cell clean. Dust and dirt reduce the performance of the solar cell, the
charging current to the rechargeable battery is reduced.
Tightening the plastic cap nut by hand is sufficient. Do not use any force when
screwing tight! Do not use any tools; this will damage the product!
control. We recommend setting the control knob somewhat at the centre by default.
and AUTO.
PIR: The predator bird's screech simulator is activated as soon as the PIR motion detec-
tor detects an object in the detection range. The LED indicator flashes while the predator
bird's screech is played. The screech sounds for about 20 seconds or as long as an object
is detected in the detection range. Use this operating mode when the area to be monitored
is located directly in front of the bird scarer. Otherwise, the sound is not emitted for smaller
birds that are farther away.
AUTO: The PIR motion detector is not in operation. The predator bird's screech simulator is
automatically activated for 20 seconds depending on the time interval set. The LED indica-
tor flashes at regular intervals. This operation mode is ideal for protecting larger areas.
OFF: The device is switched off.