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Charging UFO
Place the UFO in the middle of the
lift-off platform.
Charging is indicated by flashing green and red lights on the upper side of the con-
trol unit.
After 10 minutes the Vectron Ultralite UFO is fully charged and a continuously lit gre-
en diode indicates this.
Remove the charging cable after the UFO has been fully charged.
Avoid repeatedly charging without making flights in between. This can
damage the accumulator batteries and reduce flying time.
Inserting/changing batteries in hand-held transmitter
The hand-held transmitter needs two mignon
(AA) batteries for operation.
Proceed as follows to insert or change the batte-
- Loosen the screws of the underside battery
compartment lid (at the hand-held transmitter)
lid with the appropriate screwdriver and take it
- The UFO must be turned off (left
switch position).
- Connect the lift-off platform rechar-
ging cable (3c) with the UFO rechar-
ger socket. This can be found on the
top of the control unit (1a).
- Place two identical new batteries with the cor-
rect polarity (+,-) into the battery compartment.
- Close the battery compartment carefully.
- The hand-held transmitter is now ready for use
and can be operated by the control switch (2c).
The operation is shown by the indicator (2a).

Flight operation

The flying area must be a free space of at least 3 metres.
Place the lift-off platform on a flat surface and the fully charged UFO in the middle of it.
Turn the operation switch of the UFO control
on. This is achieved by sliding the switch to
the right.
Once switched on the red and green light
diodes will flash alternately. After a short
systems check the red light diode flashes
slowly. The UFO is now ready for flight.
First flight attempts
Operation of the Vectron Ultralite UFO using the controls can be affec-
ted by other IR units e.g. remote control or bright lighting and strong
sunlight . Avoid such interfering sources to ensure reliable flying con-
Do not fly in rooms containing valuable objects and furniture; if the
UFO comes into contact with them this could result in damage.




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