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- Point
toward the UFO control unit (1a). The
IR receiver is positioned here.
- Regulate the control switch until the
UFO begins to float.
- To land it let the control switch go
carefully and slowly.
To ensure a smooth flight avoid strong air currents from open windows
and ventilators etc.
The Vectron Ultralite UFO can lift-off and land on any smooth and even
surface. When operating on soft surfaces e.g. carpets, use the lift-off plat-
- Pressing the control switch (2c) will
cause the the propeller to rotate.
- The more you press the control
switch, the quicker that the propeller
rotates and the higher the UFO rises.
- To fly the UFO overhead, direct the IR
transmitting beam by pointing the
hand-held transmitter towards the
ceiling. The redirected IR transmitter
beam will then reach the receiver on
the UFO.


To be able to fly the Vectron Ultralite UFO you must first put together the lift-off plat-
form, charge the UFO accumulator batteries and put batteries in the hand-held
Constructing lift-off platform
- Insert the three supporting feet enclosed (4) in
to the openings provided on the lift-off platform
- Screw the lift-off platform onto the supporting
feet and then select a level floor surface
Electricity supply for lift-off platform
- Connect the plug of the plug-in charger (5) to
the side socket on the lift-off platform (3b)
- Connect the plug-in charger to an appropriate
mains socket.
- Alternatively the lift-off platform
can be powered by batteries if
there is no mains voltage supply
- To do this loosen the rear screws
of the battery compartment cover
(3a) and remove it.
- Insert 8 micro (C type) batteries
with the correct polarity (+,-) into
the battery compartment (polarity
markings are in the battery com-
partment) and close it carefully.
Do not attach charger while batteries are in the battery compart-
ment. Remove all batteries from the battery compartment before
using the plug-in charger.




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