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Gasbrenner 1500c


Operating Instructions
Blow Torch
Item no. 1712660
Intended Use
The product has an adjustable flame with a maximum temperature of around 1500 °C. It has an
inbuilt ignition mechanism and is suitable for applications such as brazing, soldering, plumbing,
industrial maintenance, etc. It supports standard bayonet tipped butane cartridges.
For safety and approval purposes, you must not rebuild and/or modify this product. Using the
product for purposes other than those described above may damage the product. In addition,
improper use can cause a fire, explosions or other hazards. Read the instructions carefully and
store them in a safe place. Make this product available to third parties only together with its
operating instructions.
This product complies with the statutory national and European requirements. All company
names and product names are trademarks of their respective owners. All rights reserved.
Delivery Content
• Torch
Up-to-Date Operating Instructions
Download the latest operating instructions at www.conrad.com/downloads
or scan the QR code on this page. Follow the instructions on the website.
Explanation of Symbols
The symbol with an exclamation mark in a triangle indicates important instructions
contained in these operating instructions that must be followed.
Safety Instructions
Read the operating instructions carefully and especially observe the safety
information. If you do not follow the safety instructions and information
on proper handling in this manual, we assume no liability for any resulting
personal injury or damage to property. Such cases will invalidate the warranty/
a) General Information
• The product is not a toy. Keep it out of the
reach of children and pets.
• Do not leave packaging material lying
around carelessly. This may become
dangerous playing material for children.
• Protect
temperatures, direct sunlight, strong jolts,
high humidity, moisture, flammable gases,
steam and solvents.
• Do not place the product under any
mechanical stress.
• If it is no longer possible to operate the
product safely, take it out of operation and
protect it from any accidental use. Safe
operation can no longer be guaranteed if
the product:
- is visibly damaged,
- is no longer working properly,
- has been stored for extended periods in
poor ambient conditions or
- has been subjected to any serious
transport-related stresses.
• Please handle the product carefully. Jolts,
impacts or a fall even from a low height can
damage the product.
• Consult an expert when in doubt about
the operation, safety or connection of the
• Maintenance, modifications and repairs
must only be completed by a technician or
an authorised repair centre.
• If you have questions which remain
unanswered by these operating instructions,
contact our technical support service or
other technical personnel.
• For use in commercial institutions, the
accident prevention regulations of the
• Operating Instructions
employer's liability insurance company are
to be observed.
• Always wear an appropriate level of
protective personal protective equipment.
• In schools, educational facilities, hobby
and DIY workshops, the product must be
operated under the supervision of qualified
• The product must not be operated in areas
where explosive or flammable materials,
combustible gases, vapours, dust, or
inflammable liquids (solvents, alcohol,
petrol, etc.) are stored. There is the risk of
explosion or fire!
• Only store the product after it has completely
cooled down. There is a danger of burns and
• The product should be transported or stored
with the gas cartridge removed from the
b) Gas Cartridge
• Do not puncture!
• Danger of explosion! Only attach or remove
a gas cartridge after the product has
sufficiently cooled down. Keep away from
heat sources, heat (> +40 °C) or direct
• Observe the safety and operating instructions
of the gas cartridge manufacturer.
• Never attempt to refill a disposable
cartridge! Only use high quality butane gas
with the torch.
• Check for gas leaks by smell, or listening
for a hissing noise. If a leak persists, do
not ignite or allow ignition in the vicinity of
the tool. Take the torch to a well ventilated
area until the gas has completely dissipated.
c) Torch
• Hold the product by the grip. Always handle
the torch so nozzle points away from you
and others.
• Risk of burns! Never reach into an open
flame or touch hot parts of the torch!
• Never leave the product unattended during
use. This constitutes a fire hazard!
• Do not operate continuously for more than
15-20 minutes as the housing may heat up
excessively. There is a danger of burning!
Operating Elements
When not in use set the trigger safety switch (3) to the LOCK position.
a) Connect / Remove Gas Cartridge
The torch has an inlet valve opening (5) which supports standard butane gas cartridges.
• Set the trigger safety switch (3) to the LOCK position.
• Turn the gas volume regulator (6) all the way clockwise to minimum "-".
• Loosen the cartridge lock (4) by rotating clockwise (as viewed from above).
• Place the gas cartridge valve against the inlet valve opening (5), then tighten the cartridge
lock (4) to hold the cartridge in place.
• When removing a cartridge simply unscrew the cartridge lock (4) by turning clockwise as
viewed from above.
b) Ignition
• Set the trigger safety switch (3) to the OPEN position.
• With the gas volume regulator (6) set to minimum "-", slowly increase gas flow by turning in
the anti-clockwise direction "+" until you hear the sound of gas flowing.
• Squeeze the trigger (2) to ignite, then adjust the gas volume regulator (6) as needed.
- Anti-clockwise "+" increases the flame size.
- Clockwise "-" decreases the flame size.
• To extinguish the flame, turn the gas volume regulator (6) all the way clockwise to "-".
Care and Cleaning
• Allow the product to cool down completely and remove the gas cartridge before cleaning.
• Never use aggressive detergents, rubbing alcohol or other chemical solutions, as these could
damage the casing or cause the product to malfunction.
• Use a dry, lint-free cloth to clean the product.
At the end of its service life, dispose of the product in accordance with applicable
regulatory guidelines. You thus fulfill your statutory obligations and contribute to the
protection of the environment.
Technical Data
Flame temperature ....................... 1400 °C - 1500 °C
Gas consumption .......................... 74.4 g/H
Fuel type ....................................... Butane
Compatible valve .......................... Bayonet / nozzle
Ignition .......................................... Pietzoelectric
Operating / storage conditions ...... +20 to +40 °C, 30 – 80 % RH
Dimensions (L x W x H) ................ 180 x 45 x 70 mm
Weight .......................................... 190 g (torch without gas cartridge)
This is a publication by Conrad Electronic SE, Klaus-Conrad-Str. 1, D-92240 Hirschau (www.conrad.com). All rights
including translation reserved. Reproduction by any method, e.g. photocopy, microfilming, or the capture in electronic data
processing systems require the prior written approval by the editor. Reprinting, also in part, is prohibited. This publication
represents the technical status at the time of printing.
Copyright 2018 by Conrad Electronic SE.
• Many materials give off hazardous vapours
when heated. Always take necessary
• Never cool the product using water or other
• Avoid loose fitting clothing. Remove any
jewellery, and contain or tie back long hair.
• Depending on the ambient lighting, the
flame may not be visible.
• Cold temperatures may cause the cartridge
pressure to drop resulting in a weaker flame.
1 Nozzle
2 Trigger
3 Trigger safety switch (OPEN /
4 Cartridge lock
5 Inlet valve opening
6 Gas volume regulator (+/-)