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Using the projector
The battery only supplies the power of the quartz clock. The light source for the projector is
powered by the mains adapter enclosed.
• Connect the low voltage connector of the enclosed mains adapter to the corresponding so-
cket (2) on the wall clock projector.
• Plug the plug-in power supply into an appropriate mains socket.
• Switch on the wall clock projector, using the on/off switch (1).
• Point the projector at an even, bright surface e. g. the ceiling or a wall in the room.
• The wall clock projector can be focused by carefully pulling the tube (6) out or pushing it in.
• The power socket for the power supply unit must be located in the vicinity of the projection
clock and easily accessible.
Setting the time
• If not already done, start up the wall clock projector, see chapter above "Using the projector".
• Remove the battery compartment cover as described in the chapter "Inserting/replacing the
• By rotating the adjustment wheel, which is now visible, the time can be set.
• Replace the battery compartment cover, paying attention to the correct orientation, and close
it by pushing it so that it clicks into place.
Place the projection clock on the supplied stand and point it at the selected surface.
To install the colour filter disc delivered with the unit, proceed as follows:
• Remove the front lens by moving it into the position OPEN (see the labelling, and also the
• Place the colour filter disc into the unit, making sure that it is oriented correctly according the
side notches on the colour filter disk.
• Replace the front lens and lock it into position (position: CLOSE, see the labelling and or the
Maintenance and cleaning
The product does not require any maintenance and should never be disassembled for any
reason. Any repair should be carried out by a specialist workshop.
Clean the product with a soft, clean and dry cloth. Dust can be very easily removed using a soft,
clean brush and a vacuum cleaner.
Do not press on the projector lens too strongly since this may cause scratches.
Do not use aggressive cleaning agents, this may affect the housing or cause discolouration.
Always follow the safety instructions!
Only to be used dry indoor locations. The product must not get damp or wet, danger
of a fatal electric shock!
Never use the product immediately after it has been taken from a cold room to a
warm one. The condensation that forms might destroy your unit.
Allow the device to reach room temperature before switching it on. This may take
several hours. Only then may the plug-in power supply be connected to the mains
voltage and the wall clock projector switched on.
Ensure that the insulation for all of the product is neither damaged nor destroyed.
The housing must not be opened! Any maintenance or repair work must only be
carried out by authorised personnel.
Check the product for damage before each use!
If you detect any damage, DO NOT connect the product to the mains supply! This
presents a danger to life!
It can be assumed that safe operation is no longer possible if
- the device is visibly damaged,
- the device does not operate any longer and
- the unit was stored under unfavourable conditions for a long period of time or
- it has been subjected to considerable stress in transit
If you are not to use the product for a long while, disconnect the mains plug from the
mains socket and remove the inserted battery.
Avoid the following unfavourable ambient conditions at the installation location and
during transportation:
- Damp or excess air humidity
- Extreme cold or heat
- Dust or flammable gases, fumes or solvents
- Strong vibrations
- Strong magnetic fields such as those found in the vicinity of machinery or louds-
Never pull the mains adapter from the mains socket by pulling the cable, but remove
it from the mains socket by using the gripping surface provided.
a) In general
Electronic devices are recyclable waste and must not be disposed of in the
household waste!
Please dispose of the device when it is no longer of use, according to the current
statutory requirements.
b) Batteries and rechargeable batteries
As the end user, you are required by law (Battery Ordinance) to return all used batteries/
rechargeable batteries; disposal of them in the household waste is prohibited!
Batteries and rechargeable batteries containing hazardous substances are
marked with the adjacent symbol to indicate that disposal in the household waste
is prohibited. The descriptions for the respective heavy metals are: Cd=cadmium,
Hg=mercury, Pb=lead (the names are indicated on the battery/rechargeable battery
e.g. below the rubbish bin symbol shown to the left).
You may return used batteries/rechargeable batteries free of charge at the official collection
points in your community, in our stores, or wherever batteries/rechargeable batteries are sold.
You thus fulfil your statutory obligations and contribute to the protection of the environment.
Technical data
a) Wall clock projector
Battery type .......................... 1x Mignon/AA (for quartz clock)
Service life ............................ approx. 2 years
Projection distance ............... approx. 65 - 400 cm
Projection diameter ............... approx. 14 - 120 cm
b) Mains transformer (required for the operation of the projector's light source)
Input...................................... 100 - 240 V/AC, 50/60 Hz
Output ................................... 12 V/DC, 1 A
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