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Switching The Device Off; Technical Data - Conrad 56 01 41 Bedienungsanleitung

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Do not cover the Symbol explanation
To avoid overheating the device, do not cover it with objects, e.g. curtains etc.
Observe all other safety instructions and information in this operating
• Choose an appropriate mounting place. It must be fixed, big enough, level, stable and far away
from inflammable materials and items, distance at least 1.5m!
The fan heater is only intended to be set up on a horizontally, level, smooth and sufficiently big
surface (floor); it must not be wall-mounted.
Make sure that no object (e. g. a curtain) can come into contact with the heater or into its vicin-
ity through a draught. There is risk of fire.
• Use the product in dry indoor areas only.
• Also keep sufficient distance between yourself and the fan heater when it's operating, there is
danger of being burnt.
• Place the product out of the reach of children.
• Using the fan heater is not recommended for people with slow reactions or heat sensibility.
• Do not set up the fan heater without appropriate protection for high quality furniture surfaces,
which could be damaged (scratch marks, furthermore e.g. discolourations by heat).
• Choose an appropriate mounting place, see above. Never operate the device unattended.
• Switch off the heater, put the lower ON/OFF switch into the position „O" (marking at the switch;
the switch is located on the base at the lower edge of the housing). Make also sure that the
„ON/OFF" switch at the top of the housing is not pressed down and thus is also in the „OFF"
position (= deactivated).
• Plug the power plug into a grounded socket (230V~/50Hz).
When using the heater for the first time, hot parts of the case may cause an
irritating odour for a while. If you experience this, ventilate the room where
the fan heater is set up.
• Press one of both ON/OFF switches to switch the device on.
• Press one of both switches „1000W" to activate the heating function. When activating both
switches, the total capacity is 2000 watt.
• Press the button „FAN" to activate the cold air function.
• Press the switch „OSC" to activate or deactivate the swivel function.

Switching the device off

• Put the lower ON/OFF switch into the position „0" (marked).
• Press the upper ON/OFF switch so that it is not in the pressed down position (= positon OFF).
Do not touch the housing, danger of being burnt! Allow the the product to
cool down completely before you move it.
• Remove the mains plug from the mains socket, if you no longer need the device.

Technical data

Operating voltage:
Operating temperature:
230 V/AC 50 Hz
2 heating levels each 1000 watt; when activating both
switches, the total capacity is 2000 watt, swivel
mechanism, cold air function.
ca. H550 x Ø250 mm
approx. 3000 grams
-10°C to +30°C
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