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Intended Use; Safety Instructions - Conrad 56 01 41 Bedienungsanleitung

Ptc-säulen heizlüfter


PTC Column Heater
Item-No. 56 01 41

Intended use

With the integrated heating module and the fan the fan heater generates a warm airstream for
heating . Two heating levels (2 x switches each 1000W; the total capacity is 2000W when acti-
vating both switches) are available. Furthermore, the product has a switchable swivel mecha-
nism (OSC.) a cold air function (FAN).
Furthermore, the product has a tumble switch at the bottom side of the housing. It switches the
device off, if it falls.
This product is only approved for connection to 230V~/50Hz alternating current. The product can
only be used in dry interiors; it must not get damp or wet.
Any use, other than the one described above, may damage the product. Moreover, this involves
hazards such as e.g. short circuit, fire, electric shock, etc. It is not allowed to modify or rebuild
any part of the product!
Please read the operating instructions completely and follow the safety and operator instructions
before and during use of the product!
This product complies with the national and European legal requirements. All names of compa-
nies and products are the trademarks of the respective owner. All rights reserved.
• Heater
• Operating instructions
• Two heating levels (2 x switches each 1000W; the total capacity is 2000W when activating
both switches) are available.
• switchable swivel mechanism
• erection on the ground

Safety instructions

The guarantee is rendered invalid when damage is incurred as a result of non-
compliance with the operating instructions! We do not assume any liability
for any consequential damage!
We do not accept liability for damage to property or personal injury caused
by improper handling or non-compliance with the safety instructions! Your
guarantee will become void in any such case.
Dear customer!
using the product is associated with different hazards, such as, for example,
burns, fire, explosion and electric shock when improperly operated.
For this reason, the following safety information is to be observed without
fail. Read the safety instructions thoroughly!
• The unauthorised conversion and/or modification of the product is inad-
missible because of safety and approval reasons (CE). Do not open/disas-
semble! Contains no customer-serviceable parts.
Maintenance, adjustment, or repair work should only be carried out by a
specialist/specialist workshop.
• The device is designed according to safety class I. It must only be operated
on a mains socket with earthing.
• For the power source, only a 230V~/50Hz (10/16 A) mains outlet with a pro-
tective earth (wall socket) may be used. Never try to operate the device with
any other voltage.
• The product is only designed for use in closed, dry indoor locations, it must
not get damp or wet, lethal danger through electric shock!
Never set up the product in the direct vicinity of a bathroom, a shower or a
bathing tub or the like.
• Never plug in, unplug, touch or use the product with damp or wet hands.
• Never use the fan heater in vehicles of any kind and similar mobile locations
or rooms.
• Hold the plug by the intended gripping surface when pulling it out of the
socket. Do not pull the cable.
• The product does not contain an integrated thermostat for regulating the
room temperature. Turn off the product in time! Danger of fire!
• The product is not a toy and must be kept out of the reach of children. Be
especially careful if children are around.
Children cannot see the dangers arising from the incorrect use of electrical
devices. Children could try to insert items into the device. There is a risk of
a lethal electric shock! Furthermore there is a high risk of injuries by the hot
surfaces; danger of fire!
Install the product so that it cannot be reached by children.
Version 01/10
• Unwind the mains cable completely. If the cable is not unwound complete-
ly, it can cause overheating; danger of fire!
• The power cable must not be pinched or damaged by contact with sharp
edges. Do not place any objects on the cable, and do not allow it to become
• Install the cable where no one can stumble over it and the plug is easily
Do not install the mains cable under carpets or the like.
• Do not use any extension cables, no loads and no dimmers or such like.
Insert the mains plug directly into a mains socket e.g. a wall socket. Do not
connect the fan heater to a timer or a circuit that is switched.
• Do not use the product when it is damaged (e.g. housing, mains cable). A
faulty connection cable must only be replaced by a specialist. Danger of a
lethal electric shock!
• For reasons of safety, pull the mains plug out of the mains socket before
cleaning the device, during a thunderstorm or when the device is not be
used for a long time.
• Always leave space of at least 1.5 m from combustible or flammable mate-
rials or objects (curtains, doors, furniture etc.). If the distance is too small,
there is a risk of fire.
• Never cover the product! Do not touch the openings in the product; do not
put objects in the openings. Danger to life by an electric schock; danger of
• Never pour any liquids above or next to the product. You run the risk of
causing a fire or a fatal electric shock. However, if liquids get into the
device, immediately isolate the mains socket (fuse), then separate the
mains plug from the mains socket and consult an expert. Do not operate the
device anymore.
• Do not operate the device in environments where there are high levels of
dust, flammable gases, vapours or solvents. There is a danger of fire and
• Never place the product on an unstable or movable surface. Always set up
the fan heater in a way it cannot tilt or fall. Tilting/falling can cause a fire haz-
ard and persons could be injured or the product could be damaged.
The safety switch integrated in the bottom of the base of the device deacti-
vates the device in such a case, but the risk of fire caused by the hot sur-
face of the heater persists.
• Do not operate the appliance when it is unattended.
• The air outlet will become very hot within a short period of time; danger of
being burnt! Take the necessary care in using the heater.
• When using the heater for the first time heated parts of the casing could
cause an irritating odour for some time. If you experience this, ventilate the
room where the fan heater is set up.
• Only move, transport or store the product when it has cooled down com-
pletely. Disconnect from the mains voltage, pull the plug out of the power
• Only use the device in a temperate climate, not a tropical climate.
• Do not carelessly leave the packaging material lying around since this may
become a dangerous toy for children.
• Never plug in the product directly after transferring it from a cold to a warm
room. The condensation that develops in such cases could damage the
device or cause an electric shock. Allow the appliance to reach room tem-
perature. Wait until the condensation has evaporated. This might take sev-
eral hours. Only after this should it be plugged in to the mains supply and
put into use.
• The product is not suitable for commercial use.
• If in doubt about how to connect the device correctly, or should any ques-
tions arise that are not answered in these operating instructions, please
contact our technical advisory service or another specialist. Please consult
a specialist if you have any doubts regarding the use or safety of the prod-
• The product may not be subjected to extreme temperatures, strong vibra-
tions, heavy mechanical strain, direct sunlight or high degrees of humidity.
This may damage the product and lead to a lethal electric shock.
• Only a specialist who is familiar with the risks and relevant regulations may
carry out repairs or open the appliance. Only original replacement parts
may be used.
• Handle the product with care, it can be damaged by impacts, blows, or acci-
dental drops, even from a low height.
• To avoid overheating the device, do not cover it with objects, e.g. curtains
• The device should not be used next to a shower or swimming pool.
• The device should not be placed under a wall outlet.
• The device should not be used when damaged.
• Disconnect the power plug from the wall outlet before cleaning the device.
• Do not use the device with a timer, a separate remote system or similar
devices, which automatically switch on the power. In such cases there is a
risk of fire when the device is placed incorrectly.