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Safety Notes - Westfalia WEH900 Originalanleitung



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Please note the included General Safety Notes and the following
safety notes to avoid malfunctions, damage or physical injury.
Please read this manual carefully and use the unit only according to
this manual.
If operating the tool causes discomfort in any way, stop immediately and review
your method of use.
Dispose of used packaging material carefully or store it out of the reach of
children. There is a danger of suffocation!
Persons with limited physical, sensorial or mental abilities are not allowed to use
the unit, unless they are supervised and briefed for their safety by a qualified
This machine is not suitable for outdoor operation.
Ensure that the lighting is adequate.
Operate the machine only for planning wooden material such as beams and
boards. Do not plan over metal objects such as nails or screws. This will damage
the blade shaft and the planing blades.
Do not process material containing asbestos.
When working with the electric planer always wear safety goggles and dust musk.
Wear appropriate clothing. Take off jewellery and tie up long hair.
Protect your hearing. Wear appropriate ear protection.
Hold the planer with both hands on the handles. Never lay down your hand near
or in front of the machine on the workpiece surface.
Secure the workpiece against slipping. Never hold the workpiece in your hand
while planning.
Lay down the electric planer after it has come to a complete standstill.
Attention: When working with some materials, hazardous dust and wood chips
will be formed. Take protective measures.
Do not grasp into the planning debris opening (3). Avoid contact with rotating
parts as well as with the planing blades.
Always switch on the machine before placing it against the workpiece. Otherwise
the machine could kick back.
Make sure the planning sole lays flat against the workpiece, so the machine
cannot get snagged.
Only operate the machine with all planing blades mounted.
Do not operate the machine without the belt cover.





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