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Handmixer 400 w


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Operating instructions
Hand mixer 400 W
Item no. 2368891
Intended use
The product is intended for mixing soft and liquid food in normal household quantities in private
households and similar areas, including facilities with kitchen such as kitchen areas of shops,
offices or other workspaces, farms, hotels, holiday flats or bed and breakfasts. The product is
not intended for commercial use.
The appliance is only approved for connection to the 220-240 V/50 Hz mains supply. Do not
use any other power supply.
This product is intended for indoor use only. Do not use it outdoors. Contact of the motor unit
with moisture must be avoided at all times.
Using this product for any purpose other than those described above may damage the product
and result in a short circuit, fire or electric shock.
This product complies with statutory, national and European regulations. All company and prod-
uct names contained herein are trademarks of their respective owners. All rights reserved.
Delivery content
• Hand mixer
• 2x dough hooks
• 2x beaters
• Operating instructions
Up-to-date operating instructions
Download the latest operating instructions at www.conrad.com/downloads or scan the QR code
shown. Follow the instructions on the website.
Description of symbols
The symbol with an exclamation mark in a triangle is used to highlight important
information in these operating instructions. Always read this information carefully.
The symbol with the lightning in the triangle is used if there is a risk to your health,
e.g. due to an electric shock. Always follow the steps described in these operating
instructions for operation and cleaning of the appliance.
The arrow symbol indicates special information and tips on how to use the product.
Safety information
Read the operating instructions carefully and observe in particular the safety instructions.
If you do not follow the safety information and information on proper handling in these
operating instructions, we will assume no liability for any resulting personal injury or
damage to property. Such cases will invalidate the warranty/guarantee.
Only use the appliance for its intended purpose. Misuse
can lead to injury.
Do not allow children to use this appliance. Keep the
appliance and its power cord away from children.
Children must not play with this appliance.
This appliance may be used by persons with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of
experience and/or knowledge if they have been
given supervision or instruction concerning use of the
appliance in a safe way and if they understand the
hazards involved.
If the power cord of the appliance is damaged, it must be
replaced by the manufacturer or its customer service,
or by a competent person in order to avoid hazards.
The appliance must be handled with care. Exercise
extreme care when handling dough hooks/beaters,
emptying the mixing bowls and cleaning to avoid
potential injuries.
Never leave the power cord hanging over the edge
of a table and keep it away from sharp edges or hot
Always unplug the power cord:
- when the appliance is not in use
- when the appliance is left unattended
- when assembling or disassembling the appliance
- when changing the attachments
- before cleaning
Always keep your hands and other objects clear of the
running attachments. Clothing, hair etc. should be kept
away from the running attachments.
• For safety reasons, any unauthorised conversions and/or modifications to the
product are not permitted.
• This appliance conforms to protection class II. Only use a standard mains socket
(220-240 V/50 Hz) connected the public power supply grid as the power source.
• Never touch the appliance or the mains plug with damp or wet hands. An electric
shock can be life threatening!
• Do not touch the power cord if there are any signs of damage. Switch off the ap-
propriate mains socket (e.g. via the respective circuit-breaker and the FI switch),
and then carefully unplug the appliance from the mains socket. Never use the
product if the power cord is damaged.
• Discontinue use of the appliance in the event of malfunctions, defects or after a
fall and have it repaired by a specialist. Improper repairs may result in substantial
hazards to the user of the appliance.
• Always keep the power cord, the mains plug and the motor unit away from water
or other liquids to avoid the risk of electric shock.
• Only use accessories that have been approved by the manufacturer. Avoid using
any accessories that are not expressly recommended by the manufacturer, as this
can cause injuries or damage to the product.
• The appliance should always be used with one of the attachments (e.g. beaters).
The appliance should not be used with different attachments at the same time.
• Never leave the operating appliance unattended or idle for a long time.
• Never use the appliance outdoors.
• Handle the product with care, it can be damaged by impact, blows, or accidental
drops, even from a small height.
• Do not leave packaging material lying around carelessly. It may become a danger-
ous plaything for children.
• If you are not sure about the correct connection or operation or if questions arise
which are not covered by the operating instructions, please do not hesitate to
contact our technical support or another specialist.
• Moreover, observe the additional safety instructions in each individual section of
these instructions.