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Principle of Operation
This aerial receives hourly messages sent by the DCF77 transmitter located
in the Frankfurt region of Germany.
The programmers are automatically set to the time, date and Summer or
Winter time.
As soon as the aerial is connected to the programmer, the aerial symbol
flashes on the display.
The symbol flashes for 2 to 3 minutes and then stays on as a steady light.
If the link between the aerial and the programmer is cut or if reception is bad,
the programmer works on its internal time base.
The range of the Frankfurt-on-Main transmitter is 2000 km.
Reception is best when the marked face of the aerial is turned towards
Reception is right when the green LED flashes every second.
Recommendations for use
- To ensure good reception, it is preferable to install the aerial in a place
(inside or outside) 1 metre away from any source of interference such as
transfomers, relays, contactors etc.
Fluorescent tubes can also cause malfunctioning.
- It must not be placed in a metal cabinet or in the vicinity of one.
When the aerial is wall-mounted the wall must not contain any electrical duct
or metal body which could adversely affect reception.
- Avoid laying the link cable in parallel with a telephone line or an electric



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