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Items Supplied; Technical Data - EINHELL SO 6-BS Bedienungsanleitung



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Anleitung SO 6-BS
1. Introduction
These instructions are designed to acquaint you the
special features and mode of operation of the Solar
Lighting Set SO 6-BS. Please read the contents
carefully as we cannot accept any liability for
damage caused by failure to observe the
You should read the instructions even if you have
arranged for the equipment to be installed by
someone else.

2. Items supplied

Fluorescent lamp (1 unit)
Aluminium bracket (1 unit)
Power cable 5m
Solar module 12V / 6W (1 unit)

3. Technical data

Fluorescent lamp:
Charging the fluorescent lamp: Mains: 230V ~ 50Hz
Storage battery:
Charging input:
Caution! Protect the fluorescent lamp from the
4. Choice of uses
A. As a portable lamp for camping, workshops,
professions, etc.
Pull out the handle. The appliance can be stood
in upright or lying position on a level surface. Use
the switch to turn the lamp on and off.
07.11.2001 15:21 Uhr
Module: 12V / 6W
6V / 4Ah
9 - 18V / max. 500mA
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B. As an automatic emergency lamp in the event
of a power failure
The mains charger has to be plugged in the
socket-outlet and the switch turned to „ON". The
lamp switches on automatically as soon as the
mains voltage drops. When the mains voltage
returns, the lamp goes out again and the storage
battery is charged.
C. As lighting for the home, garage,
summer house or camp-site
In this case the lamp is connected to neither the
solar module nor the mains.
The lamp can be fitted to the ceiling or wall with
two screws set 50 cm apart. Use the „ON/OFF"
switch to turn the lamp on and off.
The lamp's battery must then be recharged as
explained in section 6 „Charging options".
D. As a lamp which switches on automatically in
the dark (only in conjunction with the solar
The solar module, which also performs the
function of a light sensor, has to be connected in
order for the lamp to switch on automatically in
the dark. Make sure the „ON/OFF" switch is
turned to „ON". The lamp then comes on
automatically when darkness falls and goes off
again when the storage battery is empty. Next
day the battery will be recharged by the solar