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Electrolux ESSL4ISP Benutzerinformation Seite 12

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12 electrolux
dopera, di viaggio e del materiale. Dalla co-
pertura sono esclusi il logoramento ed i
danni causati da agenti esterni, intervento di
terzi, utilizzo di ricambi non originali o dalla
inosservanza delle prescrizioni d'istallazione
ed istruzioni per l'uso.
Warranty For each product we provide a
two-year guarantee from the date of pur-
chase or delivery to the consumer (with a
guarantee certificate, invoice or sales re-
ceipt serving as proof). The guarantee co-
vers the costs of materials, labour and tra-
vel. The guarantee will lapse if the operating
instructions and conditions of use are not
adhered to, if the product is incorrectly in-
stalled, or in the event of damage caused
by external influences, force majeure, inter-
vention by third parties or the use of non-
genuine components.