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Panasonic CF-VZS Serie Bedienungsanleitung


Printed in Japan
<For U.S.A. and Canada>
A lithium ion battery that is recyclable powers the product you
have purchased. Please call 1-800-8-BATTERY for informa-
tion on how to recycle this battery.
L'appareil que vous vous êtes procuré est alimenté par une
batterie au lithium-ion. Pour des renseignements sur le recyclage
de la batterie, veuillez composer le 1-800-8-BATTERY.
Battery Pack
DFQX5597ZA HS0106-0
(2006 年 1 月現在)
The battery pack is designed for supplying power to the Panasonic
computer series. Before using the battery pack, read this Operat-
ing Instructions and the relevant portions of the computer's Op-
erating Instructions and Reference Manual carefully.
The battery pack is not charged when it is first purchased. Be sure
to charge it before using it for the first time.
Care should be exercised with regard to the following in order to
avoid the possibility of overheating, fire, or damage.
• Do not throw the battery pack into a fire or expose it to exces-
sive heat.
• Do not place the battery pack together with articles such as
necklaces or hairpins when carrying or storing.
• Do not insert sharp objects into the battery pack, expose it to
bumps or shocks, deform, disassemble, or modify it.
• Do not short the positive (+) and negative (-) contacts.
• Do not charge, use, or leave the battery pack in a very hot
place, such as near a fire, in direct sunlight, in an automobile
on a sunny day, or in a cold place.
• This battery pack is to be used only in the computer(s)* for
which it was designed. If it is used in other computers (for
which it was not designed), this may cause the generation of
heat, fire or explosion.
* For information about the computer(s) for which the battery pack
can be used, refer to the Operating Instructions of your computer,
catalogs, etc.



Inhaltszusammenfassung für Panasonic CF-VZS Serie

  • Seite 1 ENGLISH OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS The battery pack is designed for supplying power to the Panasonic BEDIENUNGSANLEITUNG computer series. Before using the battery pack, read this Operat- ing Instructions and the relevant portions of the computer’s Op- INSTRUCTIONS D’UTILISATION erating Instructions and Reference Manual carefully.
  • Seite 2 DEUTSCH FRANÇAIS Das Akkupack ist für die Versorgung von Panasonic-Computern Cette batterie a pour but de fournir de l’électricité à l’ordinateur vorgesehen. Bevor Sie das Akkupack verwenden, lesen Sie bitte Panasonic. Avant de l’utiliser, lisez attentivement ces instructions das Bedienungshandbuch und die entsprechenden Abschnitte der d’utilisation ainsi que les parties des instructions d’utilisation et...
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  • Seite 4 約 204 mm x 37 mm x 52 mm 外形寸法 (幅×高さ× 奥行き) 約 480 g 質量 使用環境条件 温度:5℃∼35℃ 湿度:30% RH∼80% RH(結露なきこと) 充電時間/駆動時間についてはコンピューター本体の『取扱説明書』をご覧ください。 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Web Site : http://www.panasonic.co.jp/global 松下電器産業株式会社 ITプロダクツ事業部 〒570-0021 大阪府守口市八雲東町一丁目10番12号 © 2006 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Printed in Japan...

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