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Safety Instructions - Westfalia 232793 Bedienungsanleitung



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 Tip is hot. Do not touch.
 Place the heated iron on a heatproof work bench.
 After finished using the iron,
 Do not immerse in water!
 Like any other electric tool the iron is to be used and
stocked exclusively in dry places.
 Always place the iron on the stand when not in use.
 If  the  cord  is  damaged,  it  must  be  replaced  by  the 
manufacturer  or  its  service  agent  or  a  similarly 
qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.
1. Check that the voltage of iron and source are corresponding.
2. Make sure the iron tip is firmly secured by tightening the screw.
3. The pins of the plug must be perfectly clean.
4. Connect soldering iron to the main.
5. Clean the soldering tip with a wet sponge while it is getting hot.
6. After use: unplug the iron and let it cool down naturally.
For decoration on wood, leather, cork
Use: Screw the punch on the tip of the burning iron. Rest the burning iron
on the support; put the plug into the socket. After about 3-4 minutes the
iron is warm enough for burning.
Caution: Never touch the hot tip. Use pliers to screw on and off the
punches. For changing the tips, they must be cooled down. Otherwise
cool the iron naturally.