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Service Centre; Warranty; Disposal - Parkside IAN 102829 Originalbetriebsanleitung

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Maintenance and cleaning / Service centre / Warranty / Disposal
U se a dry cloth to clean the housing.
R emove any adhering planing dust with a
narrow paint brush.
I n no circumstances use sharp objects, or petrol,
solvents or cleaning agents that might attack
plastic. Do not allow any liquids to enter the
inside of the device.

Service centre

Have your device repaired
only by qualified specialist personnel
using original manufacturer parts only.
This will ensure that your device remains safe
to use.
If the plug or mains lead
needs to be replaced, always have
the replacement carried out by the
manufacturer or its service centre. This
will ensure that your device remains safe to use.
Note: Spare parts not listed (e.g. carbon brushes,
switches) can be ordered through our call centre.


The warranty for this appliance is for 3
years from the date of purchase. The ap-
pliance has been manufactured with care
and meticulously examined before deliv-
ery. Please retain your receipt as proof
of purchase. In the event of a warranty
claim, please make contact by telephone
with our Service Department. Only in this
way can a post-free despatch for your
goods be assured.
The warranty covers only claims for material and
maufacturing defects, but not for transport damage,
for wearing parts or for damage to fragile compo-
nents, e.g. buttons or batteries. This product is for pri-
vate use only and is not intended for commercial use.
The warranty is void in the case of abusive and im-
proper handling, use of force and internal tampering
not carried out by our authorized service branch. Your
32 GB
statutory rights are not restricted in any way by this
The warranty period will not be extended by repairs
made unter warranty. This applies also to replaced
and repaired parts. Any damage and defects extant
on purchase must be reported immediately after
unpacking the appliance, at the latest, two days after
the purchase date. Repairs made after the expiration
of the warranty period are subject to payment.
Service Great Britain
0871 5000 720
(0.10 GBP/Min.)
e-mail: kompernass@lidl.co.uk
IAN 102829


The packaging is wholly composed of
environmentally-friendly materials that can
be disposed of at a local recycling centre.
Do not dispose of electrical power
tools with the household rubbish!
In accordance with European Directive 2012 / 19 / EU
(covering waste electrical and electronic equipment)
and its transposition into national legislation, worn
out electrical power tools must be collected separately
and taken for environmentally compatible recycling.
Contact your local refuse disposal authority for
more details of how to dispose of your worn out
electrical devices.



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