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Safety Instructions For Planers; Original Accessories / Attachments; Preparing For Use; Switching On / Off - Parkside IAN 102829 Originalbetriebsanleitung

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erwise the device could kick back if the planer
blade gets snagged in the workpiece.
W hen working always keep the sole
flat against the workpiece. Otherwise
you could be injured if the plane tilts.
N ever plane over metal objects. Other-
wise the planer blade / blade shaft
be damaged.
S ecure the workpiece. Use clamps or a
vice to grip the workpiece firmly. This is much
safer than holding it with your hand.
D o not plane materials containing
asbestos. Asbestos is a known carcinogen.
T he dust generated while planing
could be hazardous to health, inflam-
mable or explosive. Wear a dust mask and
use a suitable dust / debris vacuum extraction
device. Some dusts are known carcinogens.
W hen planing wood for long periods
and in particular when working on
materials that give rise to dusts that
are hazardous to health, the planer
must be connected to a suitable exter-
nal dust extraction device.
D o not use the power planer if its
mains lead is damaged. Damaged mains
leads increase the risk of electric shock.
N ever support yourself by placing
your hands near or in front of the
device or on the workpiece surface.
If you slip you could be injured.
I f a dangerous situation arises, pull
the mains plug immediately out of the
mains socket.
W hen taking a break from your
work, before carrying out any tasks
on the device itself (e.g. changing the
plane blade) or when you are not us-
ing the device, always pull the mains
plug out of the mains socket.
A lways work with the mains lead lead-
ing away from the rear of the device.
U se sharp planer blades only.
D o not soak the materials or the sur-
face you are about to work on with
liquids containing solvents.
A void contact with rotating parts.
General power tool safety warnings / Preparing for use
Switching on:
N ever use the device for a purpose
for which it was not intended or with
non-original parts / accessories.
H old the device securely when work-
ing. Ensure that you are standing in a stable,
well-balanced position.
A lways keep the device clean, dry and
free from oil or grease.

Safety instructions for planers

Wait for the cutter spindle to stop completely
before setting down the power tool. An ex-
posed rotating cutter spindle can catch on the
surface, resulting in loss of control and serious
Only hold the power tool by the insulated handle
areas as the cutter spindle may touch the tool's
mains cable. Contact with a live wire could
cause metal parts of the device to become live
and lead to electric shock.
Fix and secure the work piece to a stable sur-
face using clamps or other means. When only
securing the work piece by hand or against
your body it will remain unstable, which could
lead to loss of control.

Original accessories / attachments

U se only the accessories and attach-
ments detailed in the operating instruc-
tions. The use of attachments or accessories
other than those recommended here could lead
to you suffering an injury.

Preparing for use

Switching On / Off

F irst press the safety lock-out
T hen press and keep pressed the ON / OFF



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