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Controlling; Connections For Decoder; Processing Solenoid Accessoiries - Märklin Central Station Bedienungsanleitung

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4. Controlling Solenoid Accessories
Under the heading solenoid accessories are all of those accessories
on a model railroad layout that are activated with one or more elec-
tromagnetic solenoid mechanisms. Among these types of acces-
sories are turnouts, signals, uncoupler tracks, etc. Lights or motors
activated by a relay also belong to this group. Since the k 84 decoder
has four permanently installed relays, all products connected to this
decoder also belong to this group.
Important! The Central Station can only activate solenoid acces-
sories, when they are controlled according to the Märklin
Digital format by means of a Märklin k 83 or k 84 decoder
or some other Märklin solenoid accessory decoder
(example: 74460 C Track decoder). Damages arising from
the use of other makes of decoders are not covered by
the Märklin factory warranty!
4.1. Connections for Decoders
The k 83 or k 84 decoders can be connected to the system in three
different ways:
1. The decoder takes its data and power for the solenoid accessories
connected to it from the track powered by the Central Station.
2. A ring circuit is set up from the Central Station for powering deco-
ders. To do this, two 72090 distribution strips are inserted between
the track layout and the Central Station, and additional wires are
then connected from the distribution strips to the decoders.
3. The decoders can also be connected to a Booster instead of di-
rectly to the Central Station. Here too, the power for the decoders
can be taken either from the track receiving its power from the
Booster from a separate set of wires connected directly to the
output terminals on the Booster.
Central Station
Tip: On large layouts it is best to separate the power supply for the
operation of the trains from that for the operation of the
accessories and power the two groups with their own
power units (Central Station, Boosters).
4.2. Setting up / Processing Solenoid Accessories
A turnout or signal must first be taken into the internal solenoid
accessory list, so that the accessory in question can be set up on
the activation field on the Central Station. This can be done either
separately in advance using the "Setting up / Processing Solenoid
Accessories" submenu or when generating the activation fields.
Recommendation: Do not carry out the following steps, until you
have pressed the "STOP" button (emergency stop).
Submenu „Setting Up / Processing Solenoid Accessories"
Press on the symbol „Setting Up Solenoid Accessories" in the upper
menu list on the screen. A selection area will appear with three diffe-
rent selection fields:
1. Entering new solenoid accessories
2. Processing solenoid accessories
3. Deleting solenoid accessories
Decoder k83
Decoder k84
d e c o d e r k 8 4
Select the control area "Enter New Solenoid Accessory". A settings
area for entering different solenoid accessory parameters will appear
on the screen.
New Accessory
Type - The symbol for the solenoid accessory on the screen is gene-
rated with a selection menu. Simply touch the arrow in the
selection field under the designation "Type". A new selection
window will open in which you search for the appropriate
screen symbol. This selection window can be navigated with
the control knob or with the activation areas on the screen,
as you have already seen with settings for locomotive.
Address - Enter here the digital address for the solenoid accessory in
question. You can enter a value either numerically from 1 to
256 or in the form of a k 83 decoder number (1 to 64) follo-
wed by the exact position on the decoder (1 to 4). Make sure
that you have the correct numbers from the coding list for
the decoder. The Central Station does not check whether the
address you set is already being used by another solenoid
Name - You can give a solenoid accessory a name so that it is clearly
represented on the screen. Up to 2 lines with up to 8 charac-
ters (The number of characters depends on the width of the
characters! The limit is thus between 5 and 8 characters.) can
be selected with the keyboard.
Button Function - Here you can select whether the solenoid accessory
is activated for a set time period (= Momentary) or for as long
as the control area on the screen is activated (= Continuous).
The function "Continuous" can only be used for solenoid
accessories connected to the green socket on their k83 or k84
decoders. A typical application for the function "Continuous"
is an H0 uncoupler track. Turnouts or signals are activated by
means of the function "Momentary".
Switching duration - In this situation the switching duration that puts a
solenoid accessory in the "Momentary" mode can be selected
in five levels between 250 and 2,500 milliseconds. In practice
a typical value for this is: 500 milliseconds. This setting has no
effect on the "Continuous" mode.
After you have set the parameters, don't forget to store the new entry
in the solenoid accessory list by touching the control area with the
check mark in the lower right corner of the settings field. Touching
the control area with the "x" to the left of it will take you out of this
settings field without storing the data.
Processing Solenoid Accessories
Press on the symbol "Setting up Solenoid Accessories" in the upper
menu list on the screen. A selection area with the three
selection fields will appear. Select the control area
"Processing Solenoid Accessories". A selection menu
will appear with all of the entries in the solenoid acces-
sory list. Navigate through this selection menu as already described
previously (either with the control knob or with the control areas
on the screen) until the entry you want to process has been selec-
ted. After confirming the entry, the settings field already described
in "Setting up Solenoid Accessories" will appear. In this field you
can change the parameters already described above such as type,
address, name, button function, or switching duration. When doing
this, don't forget that these changes are not taken into the solenoid
accessory list until you have confirmed them (touching the control
area with the check mark).
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2nd Line
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