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Connections For A Programming Track; Direct Connections For A Mobile Station; Connections For The 60125 Terminal; Additional External Connections - Märklin Central Station Bedienungsanleitung

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M: Red and brown wire (same specifications as for K Track) + a
5111 feeder track. Do not use the 5131 feeder track.
1 Gauge: 5654 feeder wire set + any standard section of track.
611 719
4. On large layouts feeder wires must be installed at least every 2
meters / 78".

2.2.4. Connections for a Programming Track

The Central Station has a second set of connections with a smaller
power output (max.
current 1 amp),
which is used for a
programming track.
This set of connec-
tions has the same
type of sockets as
for the connections
to the layout. The
same notes as in
Section 2.2.3 apply
here for the connec-
ting hardware for
the different track
- Set up the pro-
gramming track
as a separate track.
- Only 1 locomotive or powered unit may be on the programming
track at a time.
- After you have finished programming a locomotive or powered unit,
remove it immediately from the programming track. The Central
Station sends data in many operating states to the programming
track during normal operation (example: when a new locomotive is
being set up in the locomotive list). Locomotives "parked" on the
programming track can possibly be reprogrammed unintentionally
as a result.
Central Station 60212
611 719
611 719
< 2 m
611 719

2.2.5. Direct Connections for a Mobile Station

The Central Station offers the option of having 1 Mobile Station con-
nected to it directly as an auxiliary locomotive controller. Additional
Mobile Stations can be connected to the Systems network by means
of the 60125 Terminal. The connection socket for the Mobile Station
on the rear of the Central Station can be selected from one of three
alternatives. If additional Mobile Stations are connected to these free
sockets, they will be free from damages. In this situation, however,
adherence to your local regulations for preventing interference with
television and radio reception cannot be guaranteed. This type of
connection may therefore not be done.
Important: In any event the adapter cable (10 to 7 pin) must be
used. This adapter cable comes with the Mobile Station
listed under item no. 60652 or is available as a spare
part under item no. 610 479 at your authorized Märklin
Systems dealer.
- When the Mobile Station is connected to the Central Station for the
first time, the Central Station checks the version of the database
in the Mobile Station. If this version is older than the version in the
Central Station, then this database is automatically updated. The
screen on the Mobile Station will go dark during this process. A
note about the updating process will appear after a short while on
the Central Station's screen. After the updating of the database
in the Mobile Station is finished, the latter will also be reset. All of
the data in the Mobile Station's locomotive will be erased in the
- When the Central Station is connected to the layout by means of a
connector box, an additional Mobile Station can also be connec-
ted to this unit. The 610 479 adapter cable is also required for this.

2.2.6. Connections for the 60125 Terminal

The 60125 Terminal is used to set up a Systems network. Systems
components such as the Mobile Station can be connected to a Ter-
minal. When several Terminals are used, they are connected one be-
hind the other in series. The connecting cable for the Terminal (about
60 cm / 24" in length) can be lengthened with the 60126 extension
cable (about 200 cm / 79" in length) to allow flexibility in the location
of the next Terminal.

2.2.7 Additional External Connections

Your Central Station has another connection, which will be used in
the future for updates of its software from a personal computer. This
connection can be used as soon as the software is offered. Without
the appropriate software, no cable or unit of any kind should be
connected to this socket, even for testing.
610 479



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