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Introduction; Basic Information For Using The Central Station; Operation/ Function Elements; Installation - Märklin Central Station Bedienungsanleitung

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1. Introduction

The third generation of Märklin multi-train control systems is now
ready with Märklin Systems. The Central Station represents the most
important component for this. It is responsible for generating the
correct control data, it manages the coordination of the components
connected to the system, and also offers an easy to use, manageab-
le control surface. Trouble-free operation with this complex system is
only guaranteed, when you use tested Märklin System components
and nothing else. Any use of other makes of products with Märklin
Systems will invalidate the manufacturer's warranty from Märklin.
Damages arising from the use of other makes of products is therefore
the responsibility of the operator.
When connecting the Central Station and other components to
your layout, follow the techniques and principles contained in these
instructions. The use of other circuits may easily lead to damage to
the electronic components. It is best if you refrain from "expensive"
The Central Station is not a toy. Make sure that this unit is used by
children only as a controller for model trains.
We hope and trust that you will have much enjoyment in the use of
the Central Station on your model railroad layout.
Your Märklin Service Team

2. Basic Information for Using the Central Station

2.1. Operation / Function Elements
1 - Display with switching function (Touch Display)
2 - Locomotive Controller 1
3 - Button for "Locomotive" 1
4 - Auxiliary Functions 1
5 - "Stop" Button
6 - "Go" Button
7 - Locomotive Controller 2
8 - Button for "Locomotive" 2
9 - Auxiliary Functions 2
Contents as delivered from the factory:
- Central Station
- Stand
- Connecting cable to the connector box
- 2 connector plugs for direct connections to the track and
programming track
- Connecting cable for a 6000/6001/6002/6003 transformer
Central Station 60212

2.2. Installation

• Use the Central Station only indoors in dry areas.
• Suitable transformer for power: Item nos. 60052 / 60055
transformer or their variants for other household power systems.
The transformer is not included with the Central Station. The
appropriate connecting cable comes with the 60052 / 60055.
Using a no. 6000 / 6001/ 6002 or 6003 transformer will mean limita-
tions on the maximum power output. The connecting cable required
for the above comes with the Central Station.
Caution: No other users such as turnouts, signals, lights, railroad
grade crossing, etc. may be connected directly to the
terminal clips for the transformer powering the Central
Station! Users not receiving power through a digital deco-
der require a transformer separate from Märklin Systems!
16 V ~



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