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Using The Product As Intended; Safety Notes; Contents; Symbols And Their Meaning - Märklin START UP Baustelle Bedienungsanleitung




1. Using the Product as Intended

The track and turnouts can be used in Märklin's H0 C Track

2. Safety Notes

Make sure you read the following safety notes before
using this Märklin product for the first time.
• IMPORTANT! Not suitable for children under 3 years. Sharp
edges and points required for operation. Danger of choking
due to detachable small parts that may be swallowed.
• This product may only be used indoors.
• Do not store this product in direct sunlight or areas with
extreme swings in temperature or high humidity.
2.1 Important Notes
• The operating instructions are a component part of the
product and must therefore be kept in a safe place as
well as included with the product, if the latter is given to
someone else.
• Maintenance, servicing, and repairs may only be done
by adults.
• Please contact your authorized Märklin dealer for
repairs or contact:
U.S. only:
GB only:
All manuals and user guides at all-guides.com
The USA subsidiary using the
contact form at
Gebr. Märklin & Cie. GmbH
Stuttgarter Str. 55 - 57

3. Contents

4 x no. 24172 sections straight C Track 172 mm
5 x no. 24188 sections straight C Track 188 mm
1 x no. 24612 tournout right C Track
1 x no. 24224 sections curved C Track
1 x no. 24977 track end with a bumper
1 x Gondola
1 x Low side car
1 x Stake car
1 x Construction Vehicle
1 x Stack of Ties
1 x Operating instruction

4. Symbols and Their Meaning

indicates adherence to all basic safety and health

5. Setup and Connections

Setup may be done only under the supervision of adults.
Unplug the switched mode power pack from the household
current in order to prevent damage during setup. Do not
plug the switched mode power pack in the wall outlet again
until you are finished with all of the work.
The 74492 electric turnout mechanism can be installed in
the 24612 turnout.
73033 Göppingen
Tel: +49 7161 608 222
E-Mail: Service@maerklin.de.



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