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Recovery equipment should be in good working order, include clear instructions at hand,
and shall be suitable for the recovery of flammable refrigerants. Additionally, a set of
calibrated weighing scales should be available and in good working order. Hoses should
be complete with leak-free disconnect couplings and in good condition. Before using
the recovery machine, check that it is in satisfactory working order, has been properly
maintained, and that any associated electrical components are sealed to prevent ignition
in the event of refrigerant release. Consult the manufacturer if in doubt.
The recovered refrigerant should be returned to the refrigerant supplier in the correct
recovery cylinder with the relevant Waste Transfer Note arranged. Do not mix
refrigerants in recovery units and especially not in cylinders.
If compressors or compressor oils are to be removed, ensure that they have been
evacuated to an acceptable level so no flammable refrigerant remains within the
lubricant. The evacuation process should be carried out prior to returning the
compressor to the supplier. Only electric heating to the compressor body may be
employed to accelerate this process. When oil is drained from a system, it shall be carried
out safely.
Fuse parameters
Type: 5ET or SMT
Voltage: 250V
Current: 3.15 A