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Repairs to sealed components
During repairs to sealed components, all electrical supply must be disconnected
from the equipment being worked on prior to any removal of sealed covers, etc. If it
necessary to have an electrical supply to equipment during servicing, then a
permanent form of leak detection shall be located at the most critical point to warn
of a potentially hazardous situation.
Particular attention shall be paid to ensure that during work on electrical
components, casing is not altered in such a way that the level of protection is
affected. This shall include damage to cables, excessive connections, terminals not
designed to original specification, damage to seals, incorrect fitting of glands, and
Ensure that appliance is mounted securely.
Ensure that seals or sealing materials have not degraded to the extent that they no
longer serve the purpose of preventing the ingress of flammable atmospheres.
Replacement parts must be serviced in accordance with manufactures specifications.
NOTE: The use of silicon sealants may inhibit the effectiveness of some types of leak
detection equipment. Intrinsically safe components do not have to be isolated prior to
Repair to intrinsically safe components
Do not apply any permanent inductive loads or load capacitance to the circuit without
ensuring that this will not exceed the permissible voltage and current for the appliance
in use.
Intrinsically safe components are the only types that can be serviced while live in the
presence of a flammable atmosphere. The test apparatus must be of the correct rating.
Replace components only with parts specified by the manufacturer. Use of other
components may result in the ignition of refrigerant in the atmosphere from a leak.