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The charge size must be in accordance with the size of the room in which the
refrigerant containing parts are installed.
Ventilation machinery and outlets can operate adequately and are not
If an indirect refrigerating circuit being used, the secondary circuit must be
checked for refrigerant.
Equipment marking remains visible and legible. Markings and signs that are
illegible must be corrected.
The refrigeration pipe and other components must be installed in a position
where they are unlikely to be exposed to any substance which may corrode
refrigerant container components, unless the components are constructed of
materials which are inherently resistant to or sufficiently protected against
Check electrical devices
Repair and maintenance of electrical components must be carried out after initial
safety checks and component inspection procedures. If a fault exists that could
compromise safety, immediately disconnect the electrical supply until the fault is
resolved. If the fault cannot be immediately resolved but it is necessary to continue
operation, an adequate temporary solution must be applied. This solution must be
reported to the owner of the equipment to ensure all parties are notified.
Initial safety checks shall include the below.
Capacitors must be discharged in a safe manner to avoid the possibility of sparking.
No live electrical components and wiring must be exposed while charging,
recovering, or purging the system.
There must be ground continuity.