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atmospheres. Ensure that the leak detection equipment used is suitable for
flammable refrigerants, i.e. non-sparking, adequately sealed, or intrinsically safe.
Fire extinguisher
If any high temperature work needs to be conducted on the refrigeration
equipment or any associated parts, appropriate fire extinguishing equipment must
be available to hand. Have a dry powder or CO
No ignition sources
No person carrying out work in relation to a refrigeration system which involves
exposing any pipe work that contains or has contained flammable refrigerant
should use any sources of ignition in such a manner that may lead to the risk of fire
or explosion. All possible ignition sources, including cigarette smoke, should be
kept sufficiently far away from the site of installation, repair, removal, and disposal,
during which flammable refrigerant may be released to the surrounding area. Prior
to work taking place, the area around the equipment is to be surveyed to ensure
that there are no flammable hazards or ignition risks. "No Smoking" signs shall be
displayed in the area.
Area ventilation
Ensure that the area is in the open or adequately ventilated before breaking into
the system or conducting any high temperature work. An adequate level of
ventilation must be maintained for the period that the work is carried out.
Ventilation should safely disperse any released refrigerant and preferably expel it
externally into the atmosphere.
Check refrigeration equipment
If electrical components need to be swapped, they must be fit for the purpose and
match provided specifications. Manufacturer maintenance and service guidelines
must be followed at all times. If in doubt, consult the manufacturer's technical
department for assistance.
Check the below before installation using flammable refrigerants.
fire extinguisher adjacent to the