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Standfuß für mikroskopkameras


Stand for microscope-cameras
Item No. 19 13 48
Use in accordance with manufacturer's instructions
The product serves as a stand for micro-cameras. The camera mount's height can be adjusted. The object to
be inspected can be fi xed onto an adjustable slide. The stand has integrated infi nitely variable lighting. Power
is supplied via USB or the supplied batteries.
This product complies with the applicable National and European requirements. All names of companies and
products are the trademarks of the respective owner. All rights reserved.
Package Contents
• Base unit with slide
• Rack
• Camera mount with adapter
• USB connection cable
• 2 hexagonal screws
• Allen keys
Safety Instructions
The warranty will be void in the event of damage caused by failure to observe these safety
instructions! We do not assume any liability for any consequential damage!
We do not assume any liability for material and personal damage caused by improper use
or non-compliance with the safety instructions. In such cases the warranty will be null
and void.
• The unauthorised conversion and/or modifi cation of the product is not permitted for reasons of
safety and authorisation regulations (CE).
• The product should only be used in dry indoor areas, it must not be exposed to damp or wet!
• The product is not a toy and should be kept out of the reach of children.
• Caution, LED light:
Do not look directly into the LED light!
Do not look into the beam directly or with optical instruments!
• Do not leave packing materials unattended. They may become dangerous playthings for chil-
• Handle the product with care, it can be damaged by impacts, blows, or accidental drops, even
from a low height.
Components and controls
1 Rack
2 Height adjust button
3 Camera mount
4 Clamp screw
5 Camera mount adaptor
6 Base unit with slide
7 Adjustment wheel "Y-axis"
8 Adjustment wheel "X-Axis"
9 Mini-USB connector
10 Control knobs for LED lighting
Fixing the stand.
• Remove with a suitable screwdriver on the rack (1) at the end of the gearing teeth,
• Fix the camera mount (3) on the rack in such a way that the adapter (5) can be used for the already as-
sembled stand on top of the camera mount.
• Screw back in the previously removed screw. This prevents the camera mount being set too low.
• Place the rack (1) with the mounted camera mount (3) in the base unit (6). Attach the rack on the rear side
with the two Allen screws supplied.
• For the built-in lighting, plug either the USB cable that was inluded into the mini-USB socket on the base
unit (9) and the USB plug into an available USB port on your computer or put four AAA batteries into the
battery compartment on the underside of the base unit. Observe the polarity shown by the symbols in the
battery compartment.
Due to the lower cell voltage of rechargeable batteries (1.2 V), only ordinary batteries (1.5 V)
should be used. We recommend high quality alkaline batteries.
The batteries must be removed from the battery compartment if the device will not be used for a
long period.
Version 04/11
Assembling the camera
• Place a miscroscope-camera on the camera mount (3). For small cameras use the adjuster (5). Fix the
camera with both clamp screws (4).
• Using the adjustment knobs for height adjustment (2), you can adjust the height of the camera above the
• Using adjustment wheels "7" and "8" you can set the slide on the X and Y axes.
• Using the knobs (10) you can adjust the variable brightness of the built-in LEDs or turn it off (click).
Use an appropriate lens cleaning system, e. g. a clean, soft brush. Do not press too hard on the mechanism,
because this may damage it, and may possibly also put scratch marks on the slide.
Technical Data
Operating voltage ........................= 5V (via USB) or 4 x AAA batteries
Height adjuestment .....................approx. 110mm
Dimensions (LxWxH) ...................approx. 122 x 112 x 200mm
Camera diameter .........................approx. 37 mm (with adjustment of 5-10 mm)
Slide dimensions .........................approx. 50 x 50mm
Weight without batteries ..............approx. 430g
Never use the product immediately after it has been taken from a cold room to a warm one. The
condensation that forms might destroy your unit.
Allow the device to reach room temperature before switching it on. This may take several hours.
The housing must not be opened!
The following unfavourable conditions are to be avoided when installing or transporting the product:
- Damp or excess air humidity
- Extreme cold or heat
- Dust or fl ammable gases, fumes or solvents
- strong vibration
- Strong magnetic fi elds such as those found close to machinery or loudspeakers
When setting up / operating the product, ensure that cable is not over-stretched, bent or
Dispose of an unserviceable product in accordance with the relevant statutory regulations.
These operating instructions are a publication by Conrad Electronic SE, Klaus-Conrad-Str. 1,
D-92240 Hirschau (www.conrad.com).
All rights including translation reserved. Reproduction by any method, e.g. photocopy, microfi lming,
or the capture in electronic data processing systems require the prior written approval by the editor.
Reprinting, also in part, is prohibited.
These operating instructions represent the technical status at the time of printing. Changes in
technology and equipment reserved.
© Copyright 2011 by Conrad Electronic SE.