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Safety Notes; General Notes; Functions - Märklin H0 37683 Bedienungsanleitung



Safety Notes

• This locomotive is to be used only with an operating system
designed for it (Märklin AC, Märklin Delta, Märklin Digital or
Märklin Systems).
• Use only switched mode power supply units and transformers
that are designed for your local power system.
• This locomotive must never be supplied with power from more
than one transformer.
• Pay close attention to the safety notes in the instructions for
your operating system.
• The feeder track must be equipped to prevent interference
with radio and television reception, when the locomotive is
to be run in conventional operation. The 74046 interference
suppression set is to be used for this purpose.
• WARNING! Sharp edges and points required for operation.
• Do not expose the model to direct sunlight, extreme changes
in temperature, or high humidity.

General Notes

• The operating instructions and the packaging are a compo-
nent part of the product and must therefore be kept as well as
transferred along with the product to others.
• Please see your authorized Märklin dealer for repairs or spare
• http://www.maerklin.com/en/imprint.html
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• Recognition of the mode of operation: automatic.
• Addresses that can be set:
1-80 (Control Unit 6021/Mobile Station 60651/652)
1-255 (Central Station 60xxx/Mobile Station 60653)
• Address set at the factory: 18
• Mfx technology for the Mobile Station / Central Station.
Name set at the factory: 1018.03 ÖBB
• Adjustable acceleration (ABV).
• Adjustable Braking delay (ABV).
• Adjustable maximum speed.
• Setting the locomotive parameters (address, acceleration/
braking delay, maximum speed): with the Control Unit,
Mobile Station, Central Station.
• Headlights, changing over with the direction of travel.
• Only the train control functions and headlight changeover
feature are available in analog operation.
No warranty or damage claims shall be accepted in those cases where
parts neither manufactured nor approved by Märklin have been installed
in Märklin products or where Märklin products have been converted in
such a way that the non-Märklin parts or the conversion were causal to the
defects and / or damage arising. The burden of presenting evidence and
the burden of proof thereof, that the installation of non-Märklin parts or the
conversion in or of Märklin products was not causal to the defects and / or
damage arising, is borne by the person and / or company responsible for
the installation and / or conversion, or by the customer.



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