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Kabelbox für wandmontage


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Cable box for wall mounting
Item-No. 61 18 13
Use in accordance with manufacturer's instructions
This cable box with thermal fuse is suitable for the connection of a consumer load of up to max.
2000 Watts. An integrated child protector guarantees the maximum protection. A control LED
indicates if the thermal fuse was triggered (if the thermal fuse is activated the LED goes out).
In addition, the cable box features a cable management with automatic retractor and a mounting
bracket for wall mounting.
The product is only intended for operation in dry indoor locations.
Only connect the cable box to a standard mains socket (230 V~/ 50 Hz, with protective earth con-
ductor) connected to the public mains.
Any use other than described above may cause damage to the product ,with associated risks
such as fire. The product must not be modified or converted. Always observe the safety instruc-
tions included in these operating instructions. Read the operating instructions carefully and keep
them for later reference.
Explanation of Symbols
A lightning-bolt symbol in a triangle indicates a health hazard, e.g. danger of electric
The exclamation mark in a triangle indicates a particular risk during handling, opera-
tion and control.
The "Hand" symbol indicates special tips and operating information.
Safety instructions
The warranty will be void in the event of damage caused by failure to observe
these safety instructions! We do not assume any liability for any consequen-
tial damage!
We do not assume any liability for personal injury or damage to property caused
by incorrect handling or non-observance of the safety instructions. The warran-
ty will be null and void in such cases.
• The unauthorized opening, conversion and/or modification of this product is not
permitted because of safety and approval reasons (CE).
• Only connect the cable box to a standard mains socket (230 V~/ 50 Hz, with pro-
tective earth conductor) connected to the public mains.
• The product is not a toy and must be kept out of the reach of children. Therefore,
be especially careful when children are around. Children might try to push objects
through the socket openings, for example. There is a risk of a lethal electric shock!
• The product is only intended for operation in dry indoor locations.
• Do not cascade the cable box. Never connect multiple cable boxes in series.
• Never touch the earthed plug or the mains plug of the cable box with wet or damp
hands, when trying to connect to the cable box. There is a risk of a lethal electric
• Never pull out a mains plug, that is connected to the cable box, by pulling on the
cable. Always pull the plug from the cable box by gripping the area provided for this
purpose on its sides. The same applies to the earthed plug of the cable box.
• Do not overload the cable box (max. 2000 Watts).
• Do not leave packing materials unattended. They may become dangerous play-
things for children.
• Handle the product with care, it can be damaged by impacts, blows, or accidental
drops, even from a low height.
• If the product casing is damaged, do not use the product any more! When it is con-
nected to the mains, do not touch the cable box or the connected device! First
switch off the mains socket to which the cable box is connected (i.e. switch off the
circuit breaker). You can then remove the earthed plug of the cable box from the
mains socket. Take the product to a specialist workshop or dispose of it in an envi-
ronmentally friendly way.
• Never pour fluids out above electrical devices. There is a danger of fire or of a fatal
electric shock.
• Maintenance, adjustment and repair may only be carried out by a qualified specia-
list or a specialised repair shop.
• If you have any questions, which are not answered in this manual, please contact
our technical service or another specialist.
Version 09/10
• The cable box has a black mounting bracket with two mounting holes.
• Take the cable box and hold the mounting holes of the bracket on the desired mounting loca-
• Mark the mounting holes with a pencil.
• Drill the mounting holes.
• Attach the cable box to the mounting place using suitable mounting material.
Connection and Getting Started
• Connect a consumer load (maximum 2000 Watts) to the earthed plug of the cable box.
• Connect the plug of the cable box to the mains socket.
• The LED of the cable box lights in red. This optically indicates that the internal thermal protection
works correctly. If the thermal protection is triggered, the LED goes out.
Maintenance and Cleaning
This product is maintenance-free.
To clean the outside of the product, a dry, soft and clean cloth is sufficient.
Never use aggressive cleaning agents. Make sure the cable box never comes into contact with
Technical Data
Operating voltage:
Connected power:
Winded cable length:
Total cable length:
Child protection:
Cable type:
© Copyright 2010 by Conrad Electronic SE.
When drilling holes in walls or when bolting to walls, ensure that no cables or lines
are damaged.
Make sure that the cable box is de-energised before you connect any devices.
After activation of the thermal protection, the cable box - after a certain waiting time
(= cooling down time), can be put into operation again by pressing the red button.
Make sure the cable box is de-energised during cleaning. For this purpose,
remove the earthed plug of the cable box from the mains socket.
Electrical and electronic products do not belong in the household waste!
Please dispose of the device, when it is no longer of use, according to the cur-
rent statutory requirements.
230V/AC 50Hz
max. 2000 Watts
9 metres
11 metres
H05VV-F 3 G 1.5 mm
approx. 2835 grams
approx. 210 x 245 x 100 mm
These operating instructions are a publication by Conrad Electronic SE, Klaus-Conrad-Str. 1, D-92240
Hirschau (www.conrad.com).
All rights including translation reserved. Reproduction by any method, e.g. photocopy, microfilming, or
the capture in electronic data processing systems require the prior written approval by the editor.
Reprinting, also in part, is prohibited.
These operating instructions represent the technical status at the time of printing. Changes in
technology and equipment reserved.