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Solar-gartenlicht, 2er-set


Solar garden light, 2 piece set
Item no. 28 40 98
Intended Use
The product is a decorative light intended for use in gardens and terraces.
The rechargeable battery integrated in the solar module is charged via the inbuilt solar cells, when there is
suffi cient daylight. The light activates automatically when it gets dark. The rechargeable battery provides the
energy supply. White LED's that are built in the supplied ground spikes are used as a light source. When the
ambient light is suffi cient, the light will switch off automatically.
Use of this device in any other way than as described above is not permitted. All the safety and assembly
instructions must be carefully followed!
This product complies with the applicable national and European requirements. All names of companies and
products are the trademarks of the respective owners. All rights reserved.
Package Contents
• Solar light, consisting of a solar module (including battery) and 2 solar lights; connected tightly via cable
• Ground spike with extension pipe for the solar module
• 2 ground spikes for the solar lights
• Operating instructions
Safety Instructions
The warranty will be void in the event of damage caused by failure to observe these safety
instructions! We do not assume any liability for any resulting damage.
We shall not accept liability for damage to property or personal injury caused by incor-
rect handling or non-compliance with the safety instructions. The warranty will be void in
such cases!
• The unauthorised conversion and/or modifi cation of the unit is not permitted for safety and
approval reasons (CE).
• The product must not be exposed to extreme temperatures, strong vibrations or heavy
mechanical stress.
• This product is not a toy, and should be kept out of the reach of children.
• The product is protected against precipitation (e.g. rain). However, do not spray the solar lamp
with a hosepipe, irrigation system or a high-pressure cleaner.
• Do not use this product in rooms or under adverse environmental conditions where combus-
tible gases, vapours or dust are or where they may be present! There is a risk of explosion!
• Caution, LED light: Do not look directly into the LED light! Do not look into the beam directly
or with optical instruments!
• Do not leave packaging material carelessly lying around, since it could become a dangerous
plaything for children.
Notes on rechargeable batteries
There is an NiMH rechargeable battery (size AA/Mignon) in the solar module. Please observe the following
general safety instruction and information on handling rechargeable batteries:
• Keep batteries out of the reach of children. Do not leave batteries lying around in the open. There is a
danger that children or pets may swallow them, danger to life! If they are swallowed, consult a doctor
• Rechargeable batteries must not be open, short-circuited or thrown into a fi re; risk of explosion and fi re!
• Please observe the correct polarity (plus/+ and minus/-) when inserting the rechargeable battery.
• Old or fl at rechargeable batteries can leak liquid chemicals that may damage the device. Leaking or dam-
aged batteries may burn the skin if touched. Under these circumstances, protect your hands with suitable
• Only use a rechargeable battery of the correct size and the recommended type.
• Only insert rechargeable batteries into the solar module. Never use batteries that cannot be recharged.
Otherwise, there is a risk of fi re and explosion!
Getting Started
If there is a protection foil on the top of the solar light, remove this now.
Open the rechargeable battery compartment on the back of the solar light by unscrewing the two screws
on the battery compartment cover. If there is a protective strip between the battery and the contact string,
remove it. Then replace the battery compartment cover again and screw it fi rmly in place.
The solar light can be switched on (switch position "ON") and off (swich position "OFF"), using the switch on
the back of the solar module.
The battery will charge when the solar light is both in the ON and the OFF position, provided
suffi cient sunlight reaches the solar cell in the solar module.
When the solar light is used for the fi rst time, it needs approx. 24 hours of sunlight (in the summer months,
but longer at other times of year) to fully charge the battery. The switch should be in the "OFF" position.
Installation and Setup
Insert the black plastic ground spike at the bottom of the solar module; then, insert the two metal ground
spikes at the bottom of the two solar lights.
Choose an suitable location, e.g. alongside a terrace, a garden path or fl ower bed.
For the battery to charge effectively, the solar module must be placed so that the solar cell is exposed for as
long as possible to direct sunlight. Position the solar module accordingly. Make sure that the solar cell is not
Version 03/13
covered or shaded (e.g. under trees or shrubbery).
Lay the cable between the solar module and the solar lights so as to prevent damage by sharp edges and
tripping of people over it. Do not step on the cable or drive over it with a vehicle.
Do not place the solar module close to other light sources, such as courtyard or street lights, as this will
prevent the solar light from switching on or off correctly at night (the LEDs are activated automatically when
the solar cell's charging current falls below a certain level).
How the solar light functions
When the switch on the back of the solar module is in the ON position, the LEDs automatically switch on as
it becomes increasingly dark (at dusk/night) and off again as it gets light (daylight).
The duration of the light depends on the rechargeable battery's condition and varies according to the dura-
tion and the strength of sunlight.
Long periods without suffi cient solar radiation (especially in winter) can lower the charge state of the
battery, thus not allowing long lit periods. The rechargeable battery stores less energy during the day than it
consumes at night. Thus, the lighting duration is inevitably reduced.
Low temperatures also have a negative impact on the rechargeable battery's operating time (reduced lit time
for the LEDs at night).
For long, trouble-free operation or a long battery life, we recommend storing the solar light in a dry, frost-free
room during winter (or when it is left unused for a while).
Remove the rechargeable battery from the solar light and recharge it, e.g. with a suitable battery charger,
approximately every 3 months. For removing and changing the rechargeable battery, please see the follow-
ing chapter.
Removing/changing the battery
The rechargeable battery only needs replacing if the time it lights up at night is too short, despite suffi cient
charge during the day.
To do this, proceed as follows:
• Open the battery compartment on the back of the solar light, by unscrewing the two screws on the battery
compartment cover and remove the battery.
• Remove the NiMH rechargeable battery from its holder.
• Insert a new rechargeable battery of the same type (NiMH, size AAA/micro) with the correct polarity.
The correct polarity is marked in the battery compartment.
• Replace the battery compartment cover again and screw it fi rmly in place.
Maintenance and Cleaning
The product does not require any maintenance apart from possible replacement of the rechargeable battery.
Any maintenance or repair work must only be carried out by authorised personnel/workshop.
The exterior of the product can be cleaned with a soft cloth dampened with water. Never use aggressive
cleaning agents or chemical solutions since these might damage the surface of the casing or impair the
a) General instructions
b) Disposal of spent rechargeable batteries
As the end user, you are required by law (Battery Ordinance) to return all spent rechargeable batteries;
disposal of them in the household waste is prohibited!
You can return used rechargeable batteries free of charge to any collection facility in your local authority, to
our stores or to any other store where rechargeable batteries are sold.
You thereby fulfi l your statutory obligations and contribute to the protection of the environment.
Technical Data
Lights ...........................................2 LEDs (light colour: cold-white), not replaceable
Battery .........................................1x AA/Mignon, NiMH, 1.2 V, 400 mAh
Dimensions ..................................Height of the solar lights incl. ground spike 590 mm; diameter 31.5 mm
Cable length ................................ Approx. 1 m between the solar lights; approx. 2 m between the solar
Never use tools (e.g. a hammer) to assemble individual parts or to push the ground spike into
the ground as this can damage the solar light, leading to loss of warranty!
Keep the top of the solar module clean. Take particular care that the cover plate does not
become dirty and that it is kept free of snow and ice in winter. This reduces the output of the
solar cell.
Dispose of an unserviceable product in accordance with the relevant statutory regulations.
Remove the rechargeable battery inserted and dispose of it separately from the product.
Contaminated rechargeable batteries are labelled with these symbols to indicate that disposal in
the domestic waste is forbidden.
The symbols for the respective heavy metals are: Cd = Cadmium, Hg = Mercury, Pb = Lead.
module and the solar lights
These operating instructions are a publication by Conrad Electronic SE, Klaus-Conrad-Str. 1,
D-92240 Hirschau (www.conrad.com).
All rights including translation reserved. Reproduction by any method, e.g. photocopy, microfi lming,
or the capture in electronic data processing systems require the prior written approval by the editor.
Reprinting, also in part, is prohibited.
These operating instructions represent the technical status at the time of printing. Changes in
technology and equipment reserved.
© Copyright 2013 by Conrad Electronic SE.