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Poe extender


PoE Extender
Item-No. 97 54 20
Intended Use
The product is intended to be used to extend the maximum cable length between a PoE switch and
a PoE end device (e.g. PoE network camera) by 100 m. Hence, in theory, a max. cable length of
200 m is possible when using the PoE extender. Several PoE extenders can be switched one after
The power is supplied by the network cable (PoE).
Always observe the safety instructions and all other information included in these operating
This product complies with the applicable National and European requirements. All names of
companies and products are the trademarks of the respective owner. All rights reserved.
Package Contents
• PoE Extender
• 4 rubber feet
• Operating Instructions
• 1 RJ45 port 10/100MBit PoE IN (PD)
• 1 RJ45 port 10/100MBit PoE OUT (PSE)
• Power supplied via PoE (Power over Ethernet)
LEDs on the PoE Extender
Lights up, if the device is supplied with voltage via the network cable on port 2
PoE Out
Lights up, if a PoE device is connected to port 2
Lights on connection to the corresponding port, blinks during data transfer
Safety Instructions
Please read all of the operating instructions before using the product for the
first time; they contain important information about the correct operation.
The warranty will be void in the event of damage caused by failure to observe
these safety instructions! We do not assume any liability for any consequen-
tial damage!
Nor do we assume any liability for material and personal damage caused by
improper use or non-compliance with the safety instructions! In such cases
the warranty will be null and void.
• The unauthorised conversion and/or modification of the product is inadmissible
because of safety and approval reasons (CE). It must not be opened or disman-
tled! It does not contain any internal parts that need to be adjusted or maintained
by you.
• The product is only intended for use in dry, indoor locations. No part of the prod-
uct should be allowed to become moist or wet, never take hold of it if your hands
are wet!
Further, protect the product from direct solar radiation, strong heat (>55 °C), cold
(<0 °C), dust and dirt, splashes and dripping water, vibrations or mechanical loads.
• When the product is taken from a cold to a warm room (e.g. during transport), con-
densation may be produced. This could damage the product.
Wait until the product has reached room temperature before using it. This may take
several hours.
• Do not leave packing materials unattended. They may become dangerous play-
things for children.
• In commercial institutions, the accident prevention regulations of the Employer's
Liability Insurance Association for Electrical Systems and Operating Materials are
to be observed.
• In schools, educational centres, hobby and self-help workshops, the operation of
the product has to be supervised by trained employees.
• Handle the product with care. The product can be damaged if crushed, struck or
dropped, even from a low height.
• If you have any questions that are not answered in this instruction manual, please
contact our technical support centre or consult a professional.
Connection and Getting Started
• Before connecting the device, attach the rubber feet enclosed to the points intended for this
purpose on the bottom of the device. Alternatively, you can mount the extender on the wall
Version 02/11
(notch on the housing's underside; corresponding mounting material is not included in the
• Connect port 2 of the PoE extender to a network socket on your PoE switch, using a fully wired
network cable (we recommend Cat.5e or better). Alternatively, the device may also be con-
nected to a PoE injector or another PoE extender. If your PoE switch is turned on, the Link/Act
LED on port 2 and the LED "PoE IN" light up.
• Now connect port 1 of the extender to the network socket on your PoE end device (e.g. PoE
network camera), also using a fully wired network cable. The LEDs "PoE Out" and Link/Act on
port 1 light up.
• If data transfer is taking place, both Link/Act LEDs will start to flash.
Maintenance and Cleaning
The product does not require any maintenance and should never be disassembled for any reason.
Always remove both network cables prior to cleaning. You thereby ensure that the product is
disconnected from the power supply.
Dust can easily be removed using a clean, soft brush and a vacuum cleaner.
Do not use aggressive cleaning agents as these can cause discolouration.
Do not press too strongly on the surface, to prevent scratch marks.
Technical Data
Power consumption ..............................Max. approx. 2 W
Network ports ......................................1 Port PoE IN (PD), 1 Port PoE OUT (PSE)
PoE output voltage ..............................48 V/DC
PoE power consumption ......................Max. 15.4 W
Dimensions (W x H x D) ......................Approx. 130 x 24 x 77 mm
Weight ................................................Approx. 252 g
Operating ambient temperature ..........0 °C to +55 °C
Humidity during operation ....................10% to 90% relative air humidity, not condensing
© Copyright 2011 by Conrad Electronic SE.
The maximum cable length from the PoE switch to the extender, and from the exten-
der to the PoE end device, is 100 m respectively. The patch cables must be fully
Normally, PoE provides approx. 15.4 Watts connected load per port, this must not be
exceeded. Since the voltage for the PoE extender is supplied via the network cable,
only ca. 13 Watts will be available. Depending on the cable length, the connection
power may also be reduced.
Please observe the operating instructions of the device in question.
Several PoE extenders can be switched one after another. The cable length increas-
es per device by 100 m. The connection power is reduced accordingly.
Please consult the manufacturer's English instruction manual.
Both ports on the PoE extender have an automatic uplink detection. Therefore, you
can use conventional patch cables for connecting the extender.
• Any maintenance or repair work may only be carried out by authorised personnel.
• Check the product for damage before each use!
If you detect any damage, DO NOT connect or use the product!
• It can be assumed that safe operation is no longer possible if:
- the product shows visible signs of damage,
- the product does not function or does not function properly (e.g. a burning smell)
- the product was stored under unfavourable conditions
• When setting up the product, make sure that the cables are neither kinked nor
Electrical and electronic products do not belong in the household waste!!
Please dispose of the device when it is no longer of use, according to the current
statutory requirements.
These operating instructions are a publication by Conrad Electronic SE, Klaus-Conrad-Str. 1, D-92240
Hirschau (www.conrad.com).
All rights including translation reserved. Reproduction by any method, e.g. photocopy, microfilming, or
the capture in electronic data processing systems require the prior written approval by the editor.
Reprinting, also in part, is prohibited.
These operating instructions represent the technical status at the time of printing. Changes in
technology and equipment reserved.