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Uv led insektenfänger, mobil


Mobile UV LED insect catcher
Item no. 40 59 00
Intended use
This insect catcher attracts flying insects using UV light. While approaching the UV light, the insect come into
contact with the product's electric lattice and receive a fatal shock. The insects then fall onto the product floor
panel. By using LED lighting technology, the product saves a great deal of electricity. The product can be
operated with battery power or via the integrated USB port using a power adapter or computer.
For safety and approval purposes (CE), you must not rebuild and/or modify this product. If you use the
product for purposes other than those described above, the product may be damaged. In addition, improper
use can cause hazards such as short circuiting, fire, electric shock etc. Read the instructions carefully and
keep them. Make this product available to third parties only together with its operating instructions.
This product complies with the statutory national and European requirements. All company names and
product names are trademarks of their respective owners. All rights reserved.
Delivery content
• Mobile UV LED insect catcher
• USB cable
• Brush
• Operating instructions
Safety instructions
Read the operating instructions carefully and especially observe the safety information.
If you do not follow the safety instructions and information on proper handling in this
manual, we assume no liability for any resulting personal injury or damage to property.
Such cases will invalidate the warranty/guarantee.
a) Persons / Product
• The device is not a toy. Keep it out of the reach of children and pets.
• Do not leave packaging material lying around carelessly. These may become dangerous
playing material for children.
• Protect the product from extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, strong jolts, high humidity,
moisture, flammable gases, vapours and solvents.
• Do not place the product under any mechanical stress.
• If it is no longer possible to operate the product safely, take it out of operation and protect it from
any accidental use. Safe operation can no longer be guaranteed if the product:
- is visibly damaged,
- is no longer working properly,
- has been stored for extended periods in poor ambient conditions or
- has been subjected to any serious transport-related stresses.
• Please handle the product carefully. Jolts, impacts or a fall even from a low height can damage
the product.
• Also observe the safety and operating instructions of any other devices which are connected
to the product.
• It is intended for indoor use only. Do not use it outdoors. Contact with moisture, e.g. in
bathrooms, must be avoided under all circumstances.
• Attention, LED light: Do not look directly into the LED light! Do not look into the beam directly
or with optical instruments!
• Caution, high voltage! Never reach into the product and do not insert any objects into the
product. This may cause electrical discharge.
• For hygienic reasons, do not operate the product near areas where food is handled.
• Do not use the product in moist buildings such as barns or stalls. Risk of burning – Do not use
near easily inflammable products.
b) (Rechargeable) batteries
• Correct polarity must be observed while inserting the (rechargeable) batteries.
• (Rechargeable) batteries should be removed from the device if it is not used for a long period
of time to avoid damage through leaking. Leaking or damaged (rechargeable) batteries might
cause acid burns when in contact with skin, therefore use suitable protective gloves to handle
corrupted (rechargeable) batteries.
• (Rechargeable) batteries must be kept out of reach of children. Do not leave (rechargeable)
batteries lying around, as there is risk, that children or pets swallow them.
• All (rechargeable) batteries should be replaced at the same time. Mixing old and new
(rechargeable) batteries in the device can lead to (rechargeable) battery leakage and device
• (Rechargeable) batteries must not be dismantled, short-circuited or thrown into fire. Never
recharge non-rechargeable batteries. There is a risk of explosion!
• Do not charge batteries in the product. Always charge batteries outside of the product. The
USB port does not have a charging function.
c) Miscellaneous
• Consult an expert when in doubt about operation, safety or connection of the device.
• Maintenance, modifications and repairs are to be performed exclusively by an expert or at a
qualified shop.
• If you have questions which remain unanswered by these operating instructions, contact our
technical support service or other technical personnel.
Operating elements
Version 05/13
Remove the packaging materials and dispose of them in an environmentally friendly fashion.
Check the product for completeness and transport damage. In case the product is incomplete or has been
damaged, contact the store where you purchased the product.
a) Inserting batteries / Battery operation
1. Switch the USB / OFF / Batteries switch (3) to position OFF before opening the battery compartment.
2. The battery compartment lid (2) is fastened to the housing by three retainers. To open the battery
compartment lid, turn it in the direction marked OPEN and lift it up.
3. Insert four 1.5 V batteries, type AA (not included), into the battery recesses. Heed correct polarity (+/-)
as indicated in the battery recesses.
4. Place the battery compartment lid back on the housing so that the three retainers fit into the corresponding
openings next to the battery compartment. Turn the battery compartment lid until lit stops in the direction
marked CLOSE to lock it into place.
5. Place the product on an even and non-slip surface or hang it using the hanging strap (1) from a suitably
sturdy hook.
6. Switch the USB / OFF / Batteries switch to Batteries. The UV LEDs (5) turn on.
7. Switch the USB / OFF / Batteries switch to OFF to turn off the UV LEDs.
b) USB operation
1. Remove the batteries when the product is being operated via the USB Port.
2. Connect the USB cable to the USB Port (4). Connect the other end of the USB cable to your computer
or a suitable USB cable power adapter.
3. Switch the USB / OFF / Batteries switch to USB. The UV light turns on.
4. Switch the USB / OFF / Batteries switch to OFF to turn off the UV LEDs. Disconnect the USB cable
from the product.
Maintenance and cleaning
• Before cleaning, always turn off the product and remove the batteries or disconnect the USB cable from
the product.
• Use a soft, dry and lint-free cloth to clean the housing.
• Hold the product above a waste receptacle and push the floor panel (8) outward. The insects caught in the
product fall out of the product from the bottom.
• Use the provided brush (9) to remove any insects that may be stuck to the electric lattice (6) or the floor
a) Product
Electronic devices are recyclable waste and must not be disposed of in the household waste.
At the end of its service life, dispose of the product according to the relevant statutory regulations.
Remove any inserted (rechargeable) batteries and dispose of them separately from the product.
b) (Rechargeable) batteries
You as the end user are required by law (Battery Ordinance) to return all used batteries/rechargeable
batteries. Disposing of them in the household waste is prohibited.
Contaminated (rechargeable) batteries are labelled with this symbol to indicate that disposal
in the domestic waste is forbidden. The designations for the heavy metals involved are: Cd =
Cadmium, Hg = Mercury, Pb = Lead (name on (rechargeable) batteries, e.g. below the trash
icon on the left).
Used (rechargeable) batteries can be returned to collection points in your municipality, our stores
or wherever (rechargeable) batteries are sold.
You thus fulfil your statutory obligations and contribute to the protection of the environment.
Technical data
Power supply battery operation ............. 4 x 1.5 V batteries, type AA
Input power USB operation ................... 5 V/DC, 500 mA
Illuminant ............................................... 4 x LED (blue)
Reach .................................................... <20 m² (in enclosed spaces)
Dimensions (H x Ø) ............................... 190 x 100 mm
Weight ................................................... approx. 245 g (without batteries/USB cable)
These operating instructions are published by Conrad Electronic SE, Klaus-Conrad-Str. 1,
D-92240 Hirschau (www.conrad.com).
All rights including translation reserved. Reproduction by any method, e.g. photocopy, microfilming,
or the capture in electronic data processing systems require the prior written approval by the editor.
Reprinting, also in part, is prohibited.
These operating instructions represent the technical status at the time of printing. Changes in
technology and equipment reserved.
© Copyright 2013 by Conrad Electronic SE.
1 Hanging strap
2 Battery compartment lid
3 Switch USB / OFF / Batteries
4 USB Port
6 Electric lattice
7 Protective grate
8 Floor panel (below)
9 Brush
Not depicted: USB cable