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Important Notes - Blaupunkt HOR301 Bedienungsanleitung

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HOR301 / HOR401 / HOR501


Before using this device read the instruction manual and
follow the instructions inside. The manufacturer is not liable
for any damages caused by the misuse of this device due to
inappropriate handling. Please keep this manual for future
This device is for domestic use only. Do not use for any other
The device should only be connected to an socket with values
corresponding to the values on the rating label.
It is necessary to check, if total current consumption of all
devices plugged into the wall outlet does not exceed the fuse
in the circuit.
If you are using an extension cord, make sure that the total
power consumption of the equipment plugged into the
extension cord does not exceed the extension cord power
rating. Extension cords should be arranged in such a way as to
avoid tripping hazards. Do not let cord hang over edge of
counter, or touch any hot surface.
The device is not designed to be controlled via an external
timer, separate remote control, or other equipment that can
turn the device on automatically.
Before maintenance work always disconnect the unit from
the power supply.
When unplugging the power cord from electrical outlet, hold
it by the plug only and remove the plug carefully. Never pull
the cable as it may cause damage to the plug or power cord.
Damage to the power cord or plug can lead to an
electrocution hazard.
Never leave the product connected to the power source
without supervision.



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