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The water circulation installation shall comply with the European as well
as national/local regulations, especially when dealing with electrical issues.
Any change of valve position, pump size, grille size can cause a change
of the flow and the suction velocity can be increased.
Mind all the safety requirements and recommendations described in the
Please examine equipment before use. Notify Bestway at the customer
service address listed on this manual for any manufacturing defect or
missing parts at the time of purchase. Verify that the equipment components
represent the filter pump model that you had intended to purchase.
Place pump on a solid and level ground. Pay attention to position of pool
and pump so adequate ventilation, drainage, and access for cleaning is
available. Never place pump in an area that may accumulate water, or in
an area where foot traffic will flow around the pool.
It is necessary to have the plug accessible after installation of the pool.
Atmospheric conditions may affect the performance and life span of your
filter pump. Unnecessary wear and tear may occur during periods of
cold, heat and exposure to sun. Whenever possible shelter pump from
these conditions.
It is important to ensure the factory equipped stopper plugs for the inlet
and outlet ports replace the screens before removal or maintenance on
the pump is attempted.
Do not add chemicals in the filter pump.
Don't plug or unplug the appliance if hand is wet.
Always unplug the appliance:
• On raining days
• Before cleaning or other maintenance
• Leave it unattended on holidays
Safekeeping the instruction. For reconstruction the pool set every time,
please always refer to the instructions.
- If instruction is missed, please contact with Bestway or search it in
website: www.bestwaycorp.com
NOTE: This product is not intended for commercial use.
Please read the instruction manual carefully and keep it for future
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