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Clamping The Workpieces; Removing Blockages; Cleaning And Servicing; Cleaning - Parkside PTBM 500 B2 Originalbetriebsanleitung

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Clamping the Workpieces

Only work with workpieces that can be
securely clamped. The workpiece must not
yield too much. Otherwise it is nor possib-
le to apply adequate tension.
The workpiece must not be too small or too
large either.

Removing Blockages

You should always select a suitable
feed rate which allows trouble-free chip
If the bit is jammed in the workpiece,
turn off the power and unplug the po-
wer cord. Turn the bit on the drill chuck
anticlockwise with a little jerk to break
the chip and release the bit again.
If a fragment is produced during the
processing of the workpiece, turn off
the power and unplug the power cord.
Use a pair of pliers and remove the
fragment to prevent it flying off in an
uncontrolled way.

Cleaning and Servicing

Pull the mains plug before any ad-
justments, maintenance or repair.
Have any work on the device
that is not described in this in-
struction guide performed by
a professional. Only use ori-
ginal parts. Allow the device
to cool off before any mainte-
nance or cleaning is underta-
ken. There is a risk of burning!
Always check the device before using it
for obvious defects such as loose, worn or
damaged parts, correct the positioning of
screws or other parts. Exchange the dama-
ged parts.


Do not use any cleaning agents or
solvents. Chemical substances can
etch the plastic parts of the device.
Never clean the device under run-
ning water.
• Thoroughly clean the device after every
• Clean the ventilation openings and the
surface of the device with a soft brush
or cloth.
• Remove chips, dust and dirt with a va-
cuum cleaner if necessary.
• Lubricate moving parts regularly.
• Do not allow lubricants to come into
contact with switches, V-belts, pulleys
and drill lifting arms.


• Store the appliance in a dry place well
out of reach of children.
• The device can be relocated over a
short distance with two people. Reloca-
ting the device over a longer distance
generally has to take place with a trans-
port aid.




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