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Replacement Parts / Accessories; Guarantee - Parkside PFR 28 A2 Originalbetriebsanleitung

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Replacement parts /
Spare parts and accessories can
be obtained at
If you have issues ordering, please use the
contact form.
If you have any other questions, contact
the "Service-Center" (see page 10).
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Dear Customer,
This equipment is provided with a 3-year
guarantee from the date of purchase.
In case of defects, you have statutory rights
against the seller of the product. These
statutory rights are not restricted by our
guarantee presented below.
Terms of Guarantee
The term of the guarantee begins on the
date of purchase. Please retain the original
receipt. This document is required as proof
of purchase.
If a material or manufacturing defect
occurs within three years of the date of
purchase of this product, we will repair or
replace – at our choice – the product for
you free of charge. This guarantee requires
the defective equipment and proof of pur-
chase to be presented within the three-year
period with a brief written description of
what constitutes the defect and when it oc-
If the defect is covered by our guarantee,
you will receive either the repaired product
or a new product. No new guarantee pe-
riod begins on repair or replacement of the
Guarantee Period and Statutory
Claims for Defects
The guarantee period is not extended by
the guarantee service. This also applies for
replaced or repaired parts. Any damages
and defects already present at the time of
purchase must be reported immediately af-
ter unpacking. Repairs arising after expiry
of the guarantee period are chargeable.
Guarantee Cover
The equipment has been carefully pro-
duced in accordance with strict quality
guidelines and conscientiously checked
prior to delivery.
The guarantee applies for all material and
manufacturing defects. This guarantee
does not extend to cover product parts
that are subject to normal wear and may
therefore be considered as wearing parts
(e.g. brush or nozzles) or to cover damage
to breakable parts (e.g. switches, batteries,
or parts made of glass).
This guarantee shall be invalid if the prod-
uct has been damaged, used incorrectly or
not maintained. Precise adherence to all of
the instructions specified in the operating
manual is required for proper use of the
product. Intended uses and actions against
which the operating manual advises or
warns must be categorically avoided.
The product is designed only for private
and not commercial use. The guarantee
will be invalidated in case of misuse or
improper handling, use of force, or inter-
ventions not undertaken by our authorised
service branch.



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