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Introduction; Proper Use; Description Of Parts And Features; Included Items - Parkside PET 25 Originalbetriebsanleitung

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The following pictograms are used in these operating instructions / on the device:
Read instruction manual!
Observe caution and safety notes!
Caution – electric shock!
Danger to life!
Risk of explosion!
Safety class II
V ~
Volt (AC)
Electric nailer / stapler PET 25
Please make sure you familiarise your-
self fully with the way the device works
before you use it for the first time and
that you understand how to handle electrical pow-
er tools correctly. To help you do this, please read
the accompanying operating instructions. Keep
these instructions in a safe place. If you pass the
device on to anyone else, please ensure that you
also pass on all the documentation.

Proper use

The electric nailer / stapler is suitable for domestic use
and is intended for stapling cardboard, insulation,
leather, cloth (textile or natural fibres) or similar ma-
terials on to hardwood, softwood, chipboard or
similar plywood-type materials. The device is suitable
for use in dry rooms only. Any other use or modifica-
tion to the device shall be considered as improper
use and could give rise to considerable dangers.
The manufacturer accepts no liability for loss or
30 GB/MT
Wear hearing protection, dust
protection mask, protective glasses
and protective gloves.
Keep children away from electrical
power tools!
For indoor use only!
Risk of loss of life by electric shock
from damaged mains lead or mains
Dispose packaging and appliance in
an environmentally-friendly way!
damage arising from improper use. Not suitable
for commercial use.
Description of parts
and features
ON / OFF switch
Impact force controller
Magazine slider
Magazine filling level indicator
Front plate

Included items

1 x Electric nailer / stapler PET 25
300 x Staples 25 mm
200 x Staples 15 mm
300 x Nails 32 mm
200 x Nails 25 mm
1 x Allen key
1 x Operating instructions



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