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Residual Risk; Operation; Before Starting Up; Mounting - Parkside PDST 10 A2 Originalbetriebsanleitung

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or its hoses at any persons or
Only use genuine spare parts
for repairs. Any non-genuine
spare parts may cause severe
When conducting any main-
tenance, setting and repair
work, always disconnect the
hose drum from the com-
pressed air supply first.
Changes to the hose drum are
Use the hose drum only when
it is in an impeccable condi-
tion. In doubt, use a special-
ist's advice.
Have repairs only conducted
by qualified specialists.
Never transport the hose drum
by taking it by the hoses.
Always hold the hose firmly
when you disconnect it from
the compressed air source or a
pneumatic tool.
z Residual risk
Even if you operate the device as
intended, there will be residual
risks. The following dangers may
occur in connection with the build
and design of this air hose reel:
Danger from beating com-
pressed air hoses.
Safety instructions for pneumatic tools / Operation
Danger of falling from com-
pressed air hoses lying
Reduce the residual risk by
carefully using the device as
z Operation
z Before starting up
Take all parts from the packaging and
check whether the air hose reel or parts
show any damage. If this is the case,
do not use the air hose reel. Contact the
manufacturer via the indicated service
Remove all protective films and other
transport packaging.
Check that the delivery is complete.
z Mounting
Finding a mounting spot
Mount the hose drum on a suitable ceil-
ing or wall; use of the unmounted hose
drum is not permitted.
Choose a place for mounting the hose
drum so that it does not pose any obsta-
Ensure a mounting height of at least 2.5
metres for ceiling installation.
You need the following tools for mount-
ing: a power drill, a suitable drill bit and
a screwdriver.



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