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Electric mini oven
Congratulations on the purchase of this high-quality piece of equipment from VEGA.
You have chosen an appliance that fulfils high technical requirements at the same
time as it provides a comfortable usage. We hope the appliance will please you.
Explanation about the symbols and schedules
1.1 Warning notices
Gradation of the warning notices
The warning notices differ from one another concerning the type of danger through
the following signs:
Caution warns against damage to property.
Warning warns against bodily harm.
Danger warns against danger to life.
Composition of the warning notices
Signal word
1.2 Other symbols
Operation instructions
Composition of the operation instructions:
Guidance to an operation.
Indication of an outcome, if necessary.
Composition of the non numbered schedules:
Schedule level 1
Schedule level 2
Composition of the numbered schedules:
1. Schedule level 1
2. Schedule level 1
2.1 Schedule level 2
2.2 Schedule level 2
To contact our customer service please visit www.servicevega.com
Type and source of the danger!
Measure to avoid the danger.



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