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Electric mini oven
10 Disposal
To dispose of the appliance:
When you dispose of your appliance do not put it into the
household waste.
Send the appliance to the recycling of electrical appliances.
The materials of the appliance are reusable. By reusing, material recycling or other
forms of use of old appliances you give an important contribution to the protection of
our enviroment.
To ask for the appropriate disposal point: www.servicevega.com
11 Guarantee
The appliance is guaranteed for two years from the date of purchase in the following
The guarantee covers assembly, manufacture, and material faults of any kind as
well as the repair and / or replacement of parts that our technicians recognise to
be faulty. The spare parts and the hours of work needed for the repair are not
The certificate of guarantee is of your responsibility, please preserve it and in
case you need to use the guarantee send it together!
The guarantee expires when the appliance is:
used inappropriately.
not suitably maintained.
not used according to the instructions.
technically modified.
To contact our customer service please visit www.servicevega.com



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