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This specially-sized jack/plug assembly (in the black plastic housing) runs the signal from the amplifier to the California Blonde's
internal speakers. It should NOT be unplugged unless the chassis needs to be removed from the unit, which should ONLY be done by
a qualified technician.


Separate and independent effects loops are provided for both the Instrument and Mic/Aux channels. They are located POST EQ and
PRE Reverb & Master Volume in the signal path. The level appearing at the Send jacks is controlled by the Gain functions on the front
panel. If you are getting too hot a signal at the input of your effects unit, reduce the level of the applicable
Master Volume
then raise your
controls, optimum performance should be easily obtainable with any effects device.
Since the effects loops are on a side chain, their use should greatly reduce noise generated by effects devices (as compared to in-
line effects loops). Additional features of this type of loop can be found below under the Receive jack section.
Run a shielded patch cable from the Send jack to the input of your effects device. This jack may be used as an additional line level
output, in which case its level is determined by the setting of the
Run a shielded patch cable from the output of your effects device to the Receive jack.
One unique feature of the Receive jack is the ability to practice along with pre-recorded music. Insert a sound source into the Receive
jack (make sure it's a mono signal). Use the
level. The combined signal will be heard through the internal speakers or your headphones. The Send jack is not used.
NOTE: Inserting a plug into the Receive jack activates the Effects Blend control by receiving a "command" through
the ground created. Therefore, only a mono (2-conductor) phone plug should be used.
If you are not getting any "effect" through the speakers, check the position of the appropriate Effects Blend control on the front panel.
Being a "line" out, the signal appearing here is similar to that heard through the speaker system. All of the controls on the front panel,
Master Volume
except the
To use this feature, run an XLR cable from the Balanced Line out to the input of a mixing console, tape machine, etc. This output is
also suitable for sending a signal to a house mixer in live situations.
Wiring for the XLR connector is American standard: Pin 1= ground, Pin 2= +, Pin 3= – (minus)


Complete stereo operation can be achieved using the following procedure:
First, you will need an external power amp and speaker cabinet (powered "slave" enclosures are ideal for this situation). Plug a
shielded patch cable from the Line Out CH-1 or Line Out CH-2 jack (your choice) on the back of the California Blonde to the input of
the external powered speaker system. This disconnects your chosen Line Out channel from the power amp/speaker system of the
California Blonde. The Master Volume and Reverb will affect only the channel you have NOT assigned to the external system. For
example, if you have chosen "Line Out CH-1" to send to an external system, only Channel 2 will be present in your California Blonde
speaker and therefore controllable by the Master Volume and Reverb. If you send Channel 2 to an external system, the reverse is true.
In either case, the volume control on the external system acts as the "Master Volume" control for that side of the stereo system, while
the Gain control on the assigned channel acts as the preamp volume control.
The independent effects loops of both channels can now be used for full stereo enhancement. This can be obtained by plugging in a
stereo effect such as a chorus, echo, etc. Use the left side of the effect for the Instrument channel (Channel 1) and the right for the
Mic/Aux channel (Channel 2). Don't forget to set the
to retain similar overall volume levels. By using the
Effects Blend
, will affect the sound.
Effects Blend
control to mix the level of the recorded music with your instrument's
control properly for each side.
control(s). You can
Master Volume
, and



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