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This equipment is not suitable for commer-
cial use. Commercial use will invalidate
the guarantee. The operator or user is re-
sponsible for accidents or damage to other
persons or their property.
The manufacturer is not liable for damage
which is caused through inappropriate use
or incorrect operation.
Extent of the delivery
Carefully unpack the appliance and check
that it is complete:
Washer brush attachment
Instruction Manual
1 High pressure connection on the gun side
2 Handle
3 Brush
4 Cap nut adapter
5 Adapter
Safety information
Also observe the safety instruction
for your pressure washer.
Pressure washers can be dan-
gerous if used incorrectly. Do
not direct the jet at people, ani-
mals, live electrical equipment or the
equipment itself.
To prevent damage, please also note
the manufacturer's instructions for the
object being cleaned.
Use only original accessories and do
not carry out any modifications.
Technical specifications
Washer brush attachment:
Suitable for high pressure cleaners with the
following performance data:
Rated pressure (p). .....11 MPa / 1595 psi
Max. pressure (p max) 16 MPa / 2320 psi
Max. flow rate (Q max) .............. 450 l/h
Max. inlet
temperature (T max) .......... 60 °C / 140 °F



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