Troubleshooting - Bestway 58515 Bedienungsanleitung

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Cleaning the Strainer
1. Switch off the sand filter and set the Control Valve to the Closed function.
2. Replace the Debris Screens with Stopper Plugs to prevent water from escaping.
3. Remove the Strainer Cover by unscrewing it.
4. Take out the Strainer, remove any debris.
5. Put the Strainer back into position. Ensure the hole in the strainer is aligned.
6. Ensure the Seal Ring is in place. Secure the Strainer Cover back.
7. Remove the Stopper Plugs and insert the Debris Screens.
NOTE: The Strainer must be emptied and cleaned periodically. A dirty or blocked
strainer will reduce the performance of the sand filter.
Lowering or Draining Pool Water
1. Switch off the sand filter and set Control Valve to the Drain function.
2. Detach the Hose from the pool's Port A and sand filter Port A and attach to Port D.
NOTE: Remember to replace the Debris Screen with Stopper Plug to prevent water from escaping.
3. Switch on the sand filter and press the "RESET" button to run the filter and remove the pool water.
In areas that have freezing winter temperatures, pool equipment must be winterized to protect against damage.
Allowing water to freeze will damage the sand filter and void warranty.
1. Backwash the sand filter.
2. Drain the pool according to the pool owner's manual.
3. Disconnect the two Hoses from the pool and the sand filter.
4. Completely pour the sand out of the tank and dry all components.
5. Store the sand filter in a dry location out of child's reach.
Sand is flowing to the pool
No water flow
Excessive filter pressure
Control Valve leaks
from the port D
Connectors leak
S-S-006105/21.0x28.5cm/58515GS / 530gal 德规砂滤器说明书/JS-YF-2017-B-03279-英


Probable Causes
- Sand is too small
- Move the control valve from the backwash to the
filter function without stop the sand filter
- The level of the sand is too high
- The skimmer is broken
- Stopper plugs were not removed
- Air was not released
- The control valve is set to Closed
- The strainer is blocked
- Sand filter broken
- Dirty filter
- Calcified sand bed
- Insufficient backwashing
- The pressure gauge is broken
- Control Valve is set between two functions
- The gasket is broken
- Washer of the connectors not in place
- Washer of the connectors broken
- O-ring on the hose connection is broken
- Loose Hoses
- Recommend 0.45mm to 0.85mm #20 silica sand
- Stop the sand filter every time set the control valve
- Check if the level of the sand is between the marked
"MAX" and " MIN" on the collector hub
- Replace the skimmer
- Remove the stopper plugs and insert the
debris screens
- Release the air
- Set to filter function
- Clean the strainer
- Call for service
- Backwash
- Inspect sand and change if necessary
- Backwash until water runs clear
- Replace the pressure gauge
- Set to one function
- Replace the gasket
- Reposition the washer
- Replace the washer
- Replace the O-ring
- Tighten them

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