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• Be sure all provisions for wastewater disposal meet applicable local, state or national codes. Do not discharge water where it will cause
flooding or damage.
• When the Control Valve is set to the Backwash, Rinse, or Drain position, water will discharge from Port D on the Control Valve.
• Do not switch on or operate the sand filter with the Control Valve set to the Closed function or it will seriously damage the sand filter.
• Do not set the Control Valve between two functions, or it will lead to leaking.
• To avoid water leakage, screw the Port D Cap onto the Control Valve Port D before operating the sand filter.
RCD Test
A. Insert the plug into the power outlet.
B. Press the "RESET" button; the indicator light turns red.
NOTE: If the indicator light is not on, the test has failed.
C. Press the "T" button; the indicator light turns off.
NOTE: If the indicator light is not off, the test has failed.
D. Press the "RESET" button, the indicator light turns red, and the sand filter is ready for use.
WARNING: RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK. The RCD plug must be tested before each use.
WARNING: Do not use the sand filter if this test fails. Please contact your local Bestway Aftersales Service.
WARNING: Insert the RCD plug into a residual current device (RCD) having a rated residual operating current not exceeding 30mA.
Air Release
Press down the control valve handle and wait untill the water flow from Port D to release the air.
NOTE: It is important to repeat this operation every time you start the pump after winterizing, maintenance and
backwashing the sand bed.
Backwash and Rinsing must be performed to prepare the pump for its first use and to wash the sand.
1. Press down on the Control Valve handle and rotate to the Backwash function.
2. Plug in and run the sand filter for 3-5 minutes, or until the water runs clear.
3. Switch off the sand filter and set the Control Valve to the Rinse function.
4. Switch on the sand filter and run the sand filter for 1 min. This circulates water backwards through the sand filter
and drains water out Port D.
5. Switch off the sand filter. Set the Control Valve to the Closed function.
6. Top up pool water if required.
This procedure removes water from the pool, which you'll need to replace.
Switch off the sand filter immediately if water levels near the pool's Inlet and Outlet valves.
1. Now the sand filter is ready for use. Set the Control Valve to the Filter function.
NOTE: To prevent the risk of electrical shock dry any excess water from yourself and the
sand filter.
2. Switch on the sand filter to run it.
NOTE: The sand filter has now started its filtering cycle. Check that water is returning to
the pool and take note of the filter pressure on Pressure Gauge. Generally, the
recommended sand filter pressure is less than 0.25Bar (3.5PSI)when it is running.
Sand Filter Maintenance
CAUTION: You must ensure the sand filter is switched off and unplugged before any
maintenance begins or severe risk of injury or death exists. As dirt builds up in the sand
filter, the pressure reading on Pressure Gauge will increase. When the Pressure Gauge
is 0.25Bar (3.5PSI) or higher, or water flow to the pool is too low, it is time to clean the
sand. To clean the sand bed, follow all instructions outlined previously in: Backwash
and Rinsing.
NOTE: Pressure gauge is for maintenance purpose only, and the pressure gauge value is just for reference, it
should not be used as a precision instrument.
NOTE: We recommend you clean the sand bed once a month or less regularly depending on how often the pool
is used. Do not clean the sand too frequently.
S-S-006105/21.0x28.5cm/58515GS / 530gal 德规砂滤器说明书/JS-YF-2017-B-03279-英

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