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Washer-dryer stack connection piece fitting:
Fit the frame on the washing machine lid and align it as follows: Flush with the washing machine fascia and such that,
after fitting, all dryer feet rest fully on the washing machine lid.
Mark the frame position and 6 hole positions on the washing machine lid.
Remove the frame.
Apply silicone sealant around the marked hole areas. Diameter approx. 25 mm / 1 inch.
Fit the frame on the washing machine and align it in accordance with the markings.
Use the 6 countersunk wood screws to secure the frame on the washing machine lid.
Washer-dryer stack assembly:
Fit the dryer on the washing machine with its feet in the frame and align it.
Fit the retaining pieces in position on the frame and secure each one with 1 raised head screw.
Slide the fascia strip in place.
Connect the units to utilities as appropriate in accordance with the operating instructions.
Risk of electric shock and risk of damage after dismantling:
When the stacking kit is removed, the washing machine lid is no longer sealed due to the presence of the holes. The
washing machine can no longer be operated safely.
Before the washing machine is used again without the stacking kit, the lid must be sealed using one of the following
Close the holes in the lid with silicone sealant, or
Fit a new lid on the washing machine. (A new lid can be obtained from the Spares Dept.)
Risk of electric shock when fitting the lid:
Service and repair work should only be carried out by suitably qualified persons in accordance with all appropriate local
and national safety regulations.
Before any service work is commenced, the machine must be disconnected from the mains.
Pièces nécessaires
Notice de montage
Deux bandeaux sont joints pour les séries différentes.
Choisir le bandeau qui correspond physiquement à la façade du sèche-linge. L'autre bandeau n'est pas utile.
Diese Unterlagen dürfen ohne unsere Genehmigung weder vervielfältigt noch Dritten zugänglich gemacht werden. Eigentumsrechte vorbehalten.
Umbau- und Montageanweisung
Cadre de superposition lave-linge/sèche-linge WTV 412
se compose de :
Cadre (croquis 3 / 4, pt 1)
Vis à tête fraisée (croquis 3 / 4, pt 2)
Plaque d'arrêt (croquis 3 / 4, pt 3)
Vis à tête bombée (croquis 3 / 4, pt 4)
Bandeau (croquis 3 / 4, pt 5)
M.-Nr. 06667593